Entrepreneurial Thinking Theme Months

Each month’s theme will be highlighted through various events, competitions, panels and mentorship opportunities at the Hunter Hub. 

Dates: Various events and workshops between September 2018 to June 2019.  

Open to: Students, staff/faculty, alumni and community members. 

Program details: Our entrepreneurial thinking theme months showcases entrepreneurs and innovators with a broad range of ideas and expertise. 

Each month’s theme is showcased through various events, panels and activities at the Hunter Hub or Platform Calgary. 

  • September 2018 - Side Hustles
  • October 2018 - Innovation in Technology
  • November 2018 - Food-Based Businesses
  • December 2018 - Social Enterprises
  • January 2019 - Physical Health/Fitness
  • February 2019 - Online Businesses
  • March 2019 - Fashion/Retail Businesses  
  • April 2019 - Apps
  • May 2019 - Innovation in Health
  • June 2019 - Energy 

E-resources through Bootkik videos: Beginning in Spring 2019, the Hunter Hub has partnered with Bootkik to share local entrepreneurs' expertise through Bootkik's step-by-step e-learning platform. To view Bootkik's videos to help build your ideas to reality, please click here

Contacts: For more information, please contact hunterhub@ucalgary.ca

We will resume entrepreneurial thinking theme months' activities in September 2019.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Theme Months

Staff and faculty sharing their side hustle experiences in September for side hustle month.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Theme Months

Connor Curran, founder of Local Laundry teaching how to build an online store in February for fashion/retail businesses month.