Faculty & Staff Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a difficult time for the UCalgary community and beyond. To support employees, we are providing solutions and guidelines for working and connecting from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am so very grateful to be here, at the University of Calgary, with all of you. While we can’t be together in person, we are united in our work to make the University of Calgary strong and proud. There is no team I’d rather be part of in a time like this.

Ed McCauley

President and Vice Chancellor

COVID 19 Vaccination Leave

Employees are entitled to up to three (3) consecutive hours without loss of earnings or other benefits to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. 

To the extent possible, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to book COVID-19 vaccination appointments at a time that is least disruptive to their work schedule and/or University operations. The goal of keeping Faculty and Staff safe against the spread of COVID-19 is paramount and will ultimately allow us to return to normal operations.  

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new entitlement to COVID-19 Vaccination Leave. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your HR Partner or Advisor to discuss further. 

Online meeting tools

UCalgary supports Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is more secure than Zoom from a security and privacy perspective and is the required platform for all recorded meetings that involve Level 4 data. Zoom is acceptable for online meetings, except for recorded sessions involving Level 4 data.

Workshops, Programs & Webinars

UPrograms were developed for UCalgary employees to build skills on the job and enhance our rich culture of learning. Many UProgram courses are offered online, via Zoom — check availability. The ability to have audio and video is helpful because the courses are interactive. The facilitator will email the details and the Zoom meeting link closer to course dates. 

Setting up your workspace

Setting up a functioning, comfortable and productive workspace is an important first step to working remotely. We have resources to help.

Workspace and access setup

For Educators

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we still deliver high-quality learning experiences to all students. Resources are available to support you while you adapt to this new teaching environment. 

Teaching remotely

For Researchers

COVID-19 impacts research operations at UCalgary. Stay up to date and find important resources and information for researchers.

Guidance for researchers

Let us know what we can add to this page so that it serves you better, email hr@ucalgary.ca

COVID-19 FAQ for Non-Academic Staff

COVID-19 FAQ for Academic Staff

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Send an eNote any time to recognize your colleagues for their hard work, accomplishments and the positive impact they have on your work life at UCalgary.


Guidelines, Support and Skill Building for Working Remotely

Most of us have a lot to learn about working away from the office. Here are some helpful tips, articles, videos and courses that may help you make the transition from onsite to the home.

Top Tips

  • Update your contact information — personal home phone, personal mobile phone, and personal email — to your leader and in PeopleSoft, which is viewable to your manager.  
  • Create a workspace at home that is quiet enough for calls and video meetings, where you can keep your UCalgary information secure and where ergonomics can be considered.
  1. Top Resources

  2. Additional Working From Home Resources

Top Tips

  • Know that UCalgary’s leaders play a valuable role in helping team members feel engaged and prepared as they adapt to remote work. This is a challenging time, but resources are available to help.

Top Resources

Additional Managing People and Teams Remotely Resources

Leading Remotely

Support, connection and engagement


Time Management

Leading Effecting Meetings Remotely

Top Tips

  • Seek support — although feeling stress in this situation is normal, support is available if you want to discuss how you are feeling. 
  • Take short breaks every so often to move, re-hydrate, step outside and get some fresh air 
  • Know when to stop. Remote work has the potential to blur the lines between work and personal life. Discuss with your leader and team the boundaries of work and personal time.
  1. UCalgary Resources

  2. Additional Health and Wellness Resources

Top Tips

  • Set up remote access on your computer.
  • Ensure all your devices are patched and running antivirus that is up to date at home and work.
  • Prevent phishing — be aware that bad actors will take this opportunity to phish you through email to compromise your accounts and data.
  1. UCalgary Resources

  2. Additional Technology and Cyber Security Resources

Top Tips

  • Regular movement throughout the day combined with a safe and comfortable workstation are essential in maintaining good health and preventing potential problems related to job demands.
  1. UCalgary Resources

  2. Additional Ergonomics Resources

Top Tips

  • Commit to speaking with someone on your team at least once a day to avoid feeling isolated.
  • Be deliberate about building in time and permissions to connect on a personal level to discuss stories and interests/hobbies – just like if you were at the campus.
  1. Additional Meeting, Collaborating and Connecting Resources

Top Tips

  • It can be easy to get distracted with household and family, so create a routine and schedule that includes time to focus only on work and time when you can allow or accommodate home distractions.
  • Focus on making each day working from home just as productive as a day at the university campus.
  1. Additional Productivity Resources

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