Sessional Travel Fund

The Sessional Travel Fund program reimburses eligible Sessional appointees at the University of Calgary for travel expenses related to their professional and scholarly activities.

Summary and Eligibility

Each academic year, a Sessional Travel Fund Committee will distribute a Sessional Travel Fund (“Fund”) of $30,000.00 amongst eligible Sessional appointees to reimburse certain travel expenses per this Article. The maximum amount of reimbursement that each Sessional appointee can receive from the Fund is $1,500.00.

Sessional appointees are eligible to apply for reimbursement from the Sessional Travel Fund if:

a)  they presently hold a Sessional appointment and have graduated with a terminal degree within the past year, or

b) they presently hold a Sessional appointment and have taught five half-course equivalents in the past five academic years at the University of Calgary.

Items eligible for the Winter 2021 submissions include:

  • Attendance to online and virtual events, including events at the University of Calgary
  • Professional and/or technology items that make virtual attendance possible to the online event, such as webcams or headsets (max $200.00 per claim, no computers or software)
  • Activities (such as online courses, or seminars) that support the development of teaching practice or scholarly activities

The Committee shall meet at least twice per academic year, once in each of the Fall and Winter terms.

Please refer to the Collective Agreement between the Governors of the University of Calgary and the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary, Schedule “B” – Sessional Travel Fund for further detail.

Travel Fund Expenses

  • once an application is approved by the Committee and the travel has occurred, the Applicant can submit an expense report via the portal. 
  • all expense reports must have supporting documentation submitted in accordance with the Travel Expense Reimbursement Handbook.
  • only one expense report can be submitted for each approved application.
  • unused funds will be forfeited.