Career Framework

Management and Professional Staff

In February 2012, Board approval was granted to introduce a new job classification system for our Management and Professional Staff.

In order to support the evolving organization as well as support employees in determining their career opportunities, this new framework has many positive aspects which include:

  • A modern and robust tool which provides an equitable and consistent overall compensation structure

  • Identifies benchmark jobs by level of expertise, when determining market competitiveness

  • Allows for distinction between the diverse groups of Management and Professional Staff roles

HR is partnering with Towers Watson, a leading global professional services company, to create a more consistent, equitable, and industry-leading job classification system. Many initiatives have been identified for the Management and Professional Staff group and this is only one of what we believe are exciting opportunities for all Management and Professional Staff.

As an organization, we are working towards achieving our Eyes High initiative and we believe this is a step in the direction to the success of the vision.

Key Points

Management and Professional Staff are a key part of the University and its future

As part of our focus to attract, retain and develop key talent, we are introducing an equitable and consistent Career Framework for Management and Professional Staff.

Foundation for attraction and retention

Provides the foundation for Management and Professional Staff talent and reward strategies and programs, enabling us to attract and retain Management and Professional Staff in a competitive job market.

Support Eyes High

The Career Framework will provide a tool for the university to ensure they have the Management and Professional Staff talent to support the Eyes High vision to become one of Canada's top five research universities by 2016

The Career Framework is a foundational matrix

Organizing jobs and clarifying career paths using consistent classification criteria

Supporting Documentation

Career Bands and Levels


Career Framework Classification Grid


Career Framework Mapping Guidelines and Decision Tree


Career Framework FAQs


Job Title Standards


Salary Structure and Salary Management Guidelines