PPE Train the Trainer Program

Staff Wellness is now offering a way for employees to learn to safely use personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with biological hazards.

Employee donning PPE

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What We Offer

Our Train the Trainer program is an indirect way for Staff Wellness PPE training to reach groups as quickly as possible. Groups select one staff member to attend the training. That staff member will be trained directly with an RN on how to select, put on, and take off PPE properly. After the training, the staff member will have the materials and skills to train others in their work area on PPE use.

This course is an hour long and includes a presentation, a practice session for donning and doffing, a skills competency test, and a brief written test. Employees will have access to these materials for their training sessions.

Questions about COVID19 and PPE use?

Come visit our COVID19 PPE FAQ page for frequently asked questions regarding the pandemic.


If you're interested in training for your department, review the content below and contact us at staffwellness@ucalgary.ca or 403.220.2918.

Information for Trainers

This program will go over how pathogens are spread, why we wear personal protective equipment, when to wear personal protective equipment, and how to wear personal protective equipment. We give you the skills for PPE use along with the tools to train others. If you have questions regarding the training materials, contact us at staffwellness@ucalgary.ca.

Trainers will need the presentation and trainer script. This script outlines additional information and guidelines for trainers.

For groups who require masks only, please access this mask use only presentation and mask use only trainer script.

The type of PPE recommended will be based on a needs assessment done by Staff Wellness. For more information, please contact staffwellness@ucalgary.ca.

This checklist reviews all the proper steps of donning and doffing PPE in the correct order. At the end of the training session participants will complete a skills assessment quiz using the checklist as a guide. Participants will need to remember all steps on the checklist to be considered competent.

Trainers are to download this quiz template and add it to their Microsoft Forms site for record keeping purposes. If electronics are unavailable to participants, print off the paper copy.

For groups that require masks only, please access this alternative quiz template and add it to your Microsoft Forms site. If electronics are unavailable to participants, print off the paper copy.

Information for Managers

Facilitation of Staff Wellness’s PPE Train the Trainer program will be a combined effort between managers and those who provide training. Those providing training will have their own unique set of responsibilities, however it is the manager’s responsibility to help retain and maintain training records.

Alberta’s Occupational Health Regulation Part 1 section 15 states that the employer must ensure that the worker is trained in the safe operation of the equipment that the employee is required to operate. Part of this responsibility includes prevention of employee exposure to a harmful substance. Mitigation must be provided through training. Staff Wellness has provided training through the PPE Train the Trainer program.

It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure training has taken place and to document the training appropriately. Staff Wellness has provided a simple training record that indicates the date of training, who did the training, who was trained, and if the employee was able to demonstrate they were competent with the tasks they were trained to perform. This training must be readily available when requested for auditing purposes.

Keep the training record in your department's COR audit binder for ease of access.

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