Sick Leave Process for Managers

What to do if a staff member is injured or ill.

The First Five Days

  • Contact Staff Wellness within 24 hours of an injury/illness that is — or is alleged to be — work related. An Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) report will also be required but the WCB report should not be delayed while working on the OARS report.
  • Absences of five days or less are administered within your faculty or department. If a doctor’s note is received, direct it to Staff Wellness to ensure confidentiality and proper retention.
  • Reimbursement will be the responsibility of your department, if you request a doctor’s note.
  • If a staff member is absent for more than five consecutive work days, contact Staff Wellness.

Communication with Staff Wellness

  • If Staff Wellness receives notice directly from a staff member regarding an absence, the Ability Management Advisor (AMA) will communicate the estimated duration of absence (if known) and the due date for required medical documentation within one business day.
  • Your staff member will be asked to submit supporting medical information directly to Staff Wellness. If supporting medical information is not received by the requested due date, you and the staff member will be notified and pay could be affected.
  • Within two business days of receiving medical information, Staff Wellness will provide the manager with an update that may include expected duration of absence, relevant restrictions, confirmation of treatment, and date of reassessment.
  • The AMA will provide as much notice as possible when a staff member is returning to work. If a staff member has been absent for an extended period (two months or more), the AMA will provide at least one week’s notice and assist with return-to-work planning.

Things to Remember

  • If contact with your staff member is required during the absence for operational reasons, it should be appropriate, respectful and supportive. Contact your HR Partner to manage operational requirements as needed.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure sick time is coded (SIC) in PeopleSoft for the duration of an employee absence. Failure to do so may impact pay and could result in an overpayment.
  • If the staff member is a reports-to manager and/or a budget owner, be sure to complete the delegation of these responsibilities. Contact the Integrated Service Centre to help with this delegation.
  • You are required to participate in return-to-work and accommodation efforts, including finding modified work (if needed) and participating in return-to-work meetings as appropriate. Contact your HR partner or advisor for support. HR will become involved on complex or permanent accommodation cases.
  • Contact your Ability Advisor with any questions.

Sick Leave at a Glance

Manager Advised

Staff member follows department sick call-in procedure.

Workplace Illness/Injury?

If yes, notify Staff Wellness. If not, absence > 5 days, manager contacts Staff Wellness.

Staff Wellness Advised

Staff Wellness to provide medical forms to staff member.

Staff Wellness Manages Case

Staff Wellness will request and assess medical information, as required.

Return to Work

If you are not returning to work, a Long Term Disability application is initiated.