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As grocery prices soar, food industry giants are posting record profits

Phoebe Stephens, a post-doctoral fellow in global development studies at the University of Toronto, tells us why she thinks the high levels of corporate concentration in Canada's food supply chain are a significant part of the problem.

Day 6 Episode 603 On CBC Radio

Published June 18, 2022

Pay-what-you-can pop-up market and cafe opens at some Calgary YMCAs

Initiative provides dignified access to fresh, healthy food on a budget, says manager

By Hannah Kost in CBC News

Published January 19, 2022

Urban farm in Calgary receives $227K to build year-round greenhouse

Highfield Regenerative Farm has been growing produce in the city since 2019

In CBC News

Published January 17, 2022

They didn't need a recipe for lentil shepherd's pie. What I learned about fighting poverty at cooking class

Our response has to consider income, says educator

By Miriam Bankey in CBC News

Published December 18, 2021

No bus ride, no forms, just food — how tiny charity startups have pushed big players to change

'We've now entrenched this as part of our system,' says Vibrant Communities Calgary.

By Elise Stolte in CBC News

Published December 8, 2021

What Cargill workers want

At the site of a massive COVID-19 outbreak at a meat-processing plant in southern Alberta, workers don’t want things to go back the way they were before.

By Joel Dryden in CBC News

Published December 1, 2021

Want to save $600 on your family's grocery bill? A Calgary mom says it's totally doable

Shoppers can use app that alerts them to deals on soon-to-expire items.

By David Bell in CBC News

Published November 30, 2021

Millions of pounds of food 'rescued' as waste diversion pushes food to charity sector

'I mean, look at this amount of pizza,' says volunteer with Leftovers app.

By Elise Stolte in CBC News

Published November 29, 2021

Calgary's large indoor veggie farms aim to match the price of California imports

The city is now home to three commercial-scale warehouse operations.

By Elise Stolte in CBC News

Published November 24, 2021

Fighting food costs: Discount stores turn 'jobbed' veggies into deals

'Produce is under pressure. We have to move it fast,' says shop owner.

By Elise Stolte in CBC News

Published November 16, 2021

Calgary families see roughly $220 added to monthly grocery bill; CBC launches new focus on food cost

Global factors pushing up the cost of food will likely remain for a while, say experts.

By Elise Stolte In CBC News

Published November 1, 2021

Vacant space repurposed into urban farm in Calgary's south end

City helps Auburn Bay residents create community garden to grow food locally.

By Hannah Kost in CBC News

Published August 3, 2021