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Feb. 23, 2024

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Political Agroecology in Brazil: critical perspectives in food studies - Guadalupe Sátiro

Food Studies Interdisciplinary Research Group

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The Food Studies Interdisciplinary Research Group of the Calgary Institute for the Humanities aims to build and foster a network of food studies scholars from the UCalgary community and beyond. Working across disciplines, we promote critical scholarship from the broad area of food studies.

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Political Agroecology in Brazil: critical perspectives in food studies


Friday, February 23rd, 2024 from 10:00-11:30 AM (MST)


In-person meeting (room BI 588 - CIH) and by Zoom (further information upon registration)

Agroecological transition and transformation permeate the entire discussion about critical perspectives in food studies. It is central to emphasize the centrality of socio-political construction and collective action to face the challenges imposed by contemporary food regimes. There is a field-arena around Political Agroecology. For this reason, there is a great need to identify who the actors and agents involved are, and what types of actions are undertaken by these actors (which can be individuals and institutions) that manifest socioecological inter-relations claiming rights, new practices and disputes in different territories and contexts. In this talk, Guadalupe Sátiro will explore the following topics: i) The characterization of the theoretical and methodological dimensions of Political Agroecology; ii) The analysis of the main actors, agents, institutions, and types of actions that exist around agroecological transition and transformation in Brazil, and iii) The dynamics and interactions between material conditions of family farming sovereignty; security and autonomy as fundamental agri-food counter-hegemonic dimensions.

Suggested readings:

1- Monlina, M. G. d., Petersen, P. F., Peña, F. G., & Caporal, F. R. (2019). Political Agroecology: Advancing the Transition to Sustainable Food Systems. 
2 - Berg, L. v. d., Behagel, J., Verschoor, G., Petersen, P., & Silva, M. G. d. (2022). Between institutional reform and building popular movements: The political articulation of agroecology in Brazil. Journal of Rural Studies, 89, 140-148. 
3 - Petersen, P., Mussoi, E. M., & Soglio, F. D. (2013). Institutionalization of the Agroecological Approach in Brazil: Advances and Challenges. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 37(1), 103-114. 

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