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Graduate College Scholar Expectations

What is a typical month at the Gradute College?

We recognise that Scholars are at UCalgary for their research. However, to ensure that Scholars benefit from their time in the College, we expect them to participate in events. It is important to note, the majority of our events occur during weekday evenings.

A "typical" month in the College has several events:

1.    All College Meeting (ACMs) - Scholars meet to discuss college business, often through discussions and some official business occurs through voting with a social afterwards. These are almost always in the evening at 5pm for ~1.5 hours each month, and attendance is expected.

2.  Leadership Speaker Events - Due to social distancing and Alberta Health protocols, the Graduate College monthly dinners have been replaced with Leadership Speaker events once a month for 2 hours.  These events invite speakers to share their journey in leadership as well as a speech on a topic of their choice.

     2019-20 Dinner Speakers

  • Dr. Maribeth Murray, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Arachaeology, &  Director, Arctic Insitute of Noth America.  
  • Dr. Steve Larter, Associate Vice-President (Innovation-Research); Professor, Department of Geoscience; & Tier I Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geology.   
  • Dr. Nuvyn Peters, Vice-President (Advancement)                                                                                                                                         

     2020-21 Leadership Speaker Events

  • Dr. Jay Cross, Professor, Vetrinary Medicine; Associate Member; Associate Member, Cattle Health Research Group; Full Member, Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine Research Group.
  • Dr. Malinda Smith, Vice Provost (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Dr. Brenda Kenny, Vice-Chair, Emissions Reduction Alberta

3.    Committee Meeting - all scholars are expected to contribute to a committee, which meet once a month for an hour. Work on committee initiatives is expected outside of committee meetings. Meetings are scheduled at a time that work best for most members, sometimes during the day but sometimes in the evening. ~5 hours total for the academic year.

4.    College Events - these vary, but typically there are 1 or 2 a month for ~2 hours each. Scheduling also varies, but the larger events tend to occure during weekday evenings.

Some of our events:


  • Volunteering for the Seniors Secret Service
  • Interlock - Igniting Climate Action
  • Politics in Canada
  • Speed-Nerding
  • Icecream Social
  • Parenting Workshop
  • Monthly Salons 


  • Morning Coffee Over Zoom
  • Letters to Seniors in Isolation
  • Lunch-n-Learn Events
  • Parenting Workshops
  • What I Wish I Knew in Grad School (panel discussion)
  • Scholar Yoga 
  • Wellness Day
  • Terrarium Night
  • EDI Documentary & Discussion
  • Book Club (professional development and EDI)
  • Monthly Salons 
  • Tech Drive for Calgary Immigrants (collaboration with Calgary immigrant society)