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UCrowdfund is the university’s crowdfunding platform for projects initiated by UCalgary faculty, researchers, students and alumni.

When you support a UCrowdfund campaign, 100 per cent of your gift goes to the project — versus some crowdfunding platforms that take an administration fee — and you receive a tax receipt for your donation. If a project goal isn’t met, the team will still receive all of the funds donated to go towards their project.

After making your gift, spread the word and share your support on social media and throughout your networks. The more people that know about a project, the higher the chance it will reach its fundraising goal.


Featured campaigns:

MBA Alumni & Friends Campaign

MBA Alumni & Friends Campaign for Haskayne Capital Expansion Project

The MBA Alumni & Friends Campaign for Haskayne Capital Expansion Project is calling on you, our closest friends, champions and philanthropic leaders, to help us transform the school. We are coming together to help raise funds for Haskayne's expansion and to build awareness within our community. Together, we will combine our energy to build a place where students, faculty, staff, and alumni and the broader community convene, connect and collaborate.

Sikh Studies

Expanding Sikh Studies at UCalgary

The Sikh community has been essential in developing and continuing to drive multicultural values, politics, and the economy—both locally and nationally. Sikh Studies courses at UCalgary give students tools to apply and think through the Sikh worldview, embracing pluralism, equity, diversity and compassion for others. Together, we can ensure that our youth, our neighbours, and our scholars engage with the Sikh tradition, culture, and thought.

19 to Zero

19 to Zero Vaccine Hesitancy: Convincing Canadians About the Importance of Vaccines

We are asking for your support to help us continue our research in vaccine hesitancy and create targeted behavioural change campaigns to build vaccine confidence and finally end the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. Our project is seeking to reach populations across Canada, who need to hear about the vital role they play in building community immunity.

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