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UCrowdfund is the university’s crowdfunding platform for projects initiated by UCalgary faculty, researchers, students and alumni.

When you support a UCrowdfund campaign, 100 per cent of your gift goes to the project — versus some crowdfunding platforms that take an administration fee — and you receive a tax receipt for your donation. If a project goal isn’t met, the team will still receive all of the funds donated to go towards their project.

After making your gift, spread the word and share your support on social media and throughout your networks. The more people that know about a project, the higher the chance it will reach its fundraising goal.


Featured campaigns:

The Geopolitics of Pride: Supporting LGBTI newcomers

The Geopolitics of Pride: Supporting LGBTI newcomers

UCalgary researchers, in collaboration with the Centre for Newcomers, are working to develop stronger supports for LGBTI refugees who have fled persecution in their home country, only to encounter new challenges in Canada, from isolation to lack of access to healthcare, language classes, and other basic services.  With your support, researchers aim to overhaul policy and practice, improving front-line refugee services in Calgary and across Canada.

Schulich Helios: A New UCalgary Solar Car

Schulich Helios: A New UCalgary Solar Car

The University of Calgary Solar Car Team has been building solar cars since 2004, and we are excited to be embarking on our next mission, Generation 6: Schulich Helios. We are asking for your support to reach our goal of $10 000, an amount that will allow us to begin building this cutting edge vehicle. With your assistance we will be able to continue to make an impact in our community, and make the Schulich Helios a reality.

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