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Faculty of Social Work

Create and support enhanced student learning experiences that will enable future leaders in social justice

Together, we will create healthier families and communities

The University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work is the largest social work school in Canada and consistently ranked among the top 15 research social work schools in North America.

Your support for students and research in the faculty ensures innovation and best practices that address complex social problems and promote well-being for families and communities around the world


Tania Loftsgard
Associate Director, Fund Development
Faculty of Social Work

2019 Graduation Banquet and Powwow

2019 Graduation Banquet and Powwow

Chris Wedman

Support the Faculty of Social Work

Stopping gender-based violence  Shift: the Project to End Domestic Violence strives to understand men’s role in feminism and advancing gender equality in Canada. We are learning how we can help socialize and support more men and boys to advance gender equality and stop gender-based violence.

Supporting the Indigenous community: The Social Work Indigenous Scholars Academy partners with Indigenous youth who have ‘aged out’ of foster care, providing them with culturally based supports, educational opportunities, and the personal and economic support needed to successfully pursue a degree in social work.

Innovative teaching intervention: The Multi-Sensory Storytelling Fund supports educational success by producing digital stories that create a safe learning environment to scaffold traditional literacy for students with disabilities in order to learn and master new skills in creative ways.