Teaching and Learning

Undergraduate courses

GOPH 549 Field School

F2016 - S2021. Seismic, gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic, resistivity, induced polarization and topographic surveys will be conducted prior to the Fall Term.

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GOPH 457 Physical Properties of Rocks

W2016 - W2021. Physical properties of minerals and rocks, their relationship to geophysical measurements and surveys.

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GLGY 202 Applications of Geoscience

W2018 - W2019. Applications of geology and geophysics to the study of earthquakes, volcanoes and other geologic hazards; natural resources; environmental management; human impact on the Earth and global change.

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GLGY 297 Topics in Geology (Science of Climate Change)

W2021 - W2022. 

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Scientist in Residency

Sitka Sound Science Center, October 2018

The Sitka Sound Science Center in Alaska established a Scientist in Residency Fellowship for scientists across North America. Scientists can use the month-long fellowship for research and collaboration, with community engagement opportunities to share their work and improve science literacy in the community.

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Soapbox Science

Calgary Alberta, June 2018

Soapbox Science is a public outreach platform for women in science to share their knowledge and passion of science with the community.

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Picture a Scientist Panelist

University of Calgary, February 2021

The Faculty of Science hosted a screening of Picture a Scientist followed by a panel discussion to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. 

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