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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

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As a student at UCVM, one of Canada’s five veterinary colleges, you'll receive a comprehensive veterinary education and be able to select from one of the college's areas of emphasis. You'll begin working with live animals early in the program, and have numerous on-campus and off-site learning opportunities over the course of your four years of study. You cannot enter the DVM program directly from high school. You must complete at least two years of university education and specific required courses to apply to this highly competitive program. The most up-to-date admission requirements can be found at

Admission requirements and information

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

As part of one of our professional faculties, this program has special admission and application requirements. See requirements on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine website:

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Recent graduates Drs. Naomi Crabtree and Kayla Dykstra both share a passion for horses and are pursuing equine specialist careers. After Crabtree completes an equine internship, she wants to pursue a surgical residency and become an equine surgeon. As Crabtree explains, “This lofty goal feels like an achievable one thanks to the support and education I've received while at UCalgary.” Dykstra is also finishing a one-year equine internship and plans to further specialize in equine sports medicine.

Equine athletes inspire newly-minted veterinarians

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​Dr. Gordon Atkins shares his decades of dairy practice experience and expertise with students in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. His hands on, practical approach to teaching and his enthusiasm for veterinary medicine have earned him several teaching awards. “Dr. Atkins has been a huge influence in helping shape my career goals,” says Crystal Clark, UCVM Class of 2016. “I’d like to model his passion and high standards for veterinary practice in my future career!”

​Dedicated dairy veterinarian and professor

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This course replicates real-life cases, such as an outbreak of canine diarrhea in an animal shelter. Students head into the field to examine the ‘outbreak’ site and collect samples. After a day in the lab conducting diagnostic tests, students work on their communication skills by interacting with actors who play the roles of pet owners and other people involved in the infectious disease outbreak. At the end of the week, students present to faculty, grad students, and veterinarians.

Course teaches students how to handle infectious disease outbreaks

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Calgary, Alberta T2N 4Z6