Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why choose Philosophy?

Philosophers ask questions such as: Is the mind distinct from the body? Can I know there is a world outside my mind? Does God exist?

Philosophy asks fundamental questions about ourselves, the world, and our place within it. As a philosophy student, you'll learn how to think, discuss and write about abstract ideas. During the course of your studies, you'll gain abstract reasoning skills, conceptual analysis capabilities, written and verbal communication skills, and logical abilities.

Career opportunities

As a Philosophy graduate, you'll be prepared for career opportunities in areas such as the civil service, the non-profit sector, and the business world. A degree in Philosophy can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or education.​

Program highlights

Honours Degree - In-depth study of a specific topic completed under the supervision of a faculty member.

Minor in the History and Philosophy of Science: An introduction to the ideas and history behind science; an excellent background option for careers in science administration and science writing.

Concentration in Law and Philosophy: A concentration that provides the courses and degree credit to help build the necessary skills for a legal career.

Concentration in Religion and Philosophy: An interdisciplinary option for students completing a BA in philosophy or religion

Courses in this program

Sex, Love & Death; How Do We Know?; Philosophy of Money; Law and Morality; Science and Philosophy; Logic

Detailed course information

First year Degree Guide - Arts
Program Description (Course Calendar)
List of Courses in the Program​


When I teach I bring two elements to my classroom: a diversity of issues, perspectives and philosophers beyond the Western tradition; and lessons on crafting an academic paper. Students are well served by studying philosophy. It teaches critical reasoning important in all walks of life. At UCalgary you’ll find enthusiastic and compassionate faculty dedicated to student success.

Jeremy Fantl, PhD

Undergraduate Studies Director

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