Music (Bachelor of Music)

Bachelor of Music (BMus)

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What you will learn in this program

Music scholars ask questions such as: How do music theory and performance interact? What role does music play in our society? How can my performances influence or comment on the world?

The Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree is designed for students wishing to enter a professional career in music, either as performers, teachers, composers, theorists, historians or critics. The BMus provides the opportunity for students to major in Performance, Composition, or Integrated Studies. In addition, there’s a major in Music Education that is available in the context of a concurrent BMus/Bachelor of Education degree. All degrees combine extensive instruction in music history and theory, composition, and pedagogy with performance and community involvement. You’ll graduate with creative thinking skills, research and analytical capabilities, written and verbal communication skills, as well as practical and theoretical musical training.

Career opportunities

As a Bachelor of Music graduate, you'll be prepared for career opportunities in areas such as performance, education, arts management, and audio production and design. Your degree can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as law, medicine or veterinary medicine.

Courses you'll take:

Chamber Choir, Diatonic Harmony, Introduction to Music Technology, Orchestration, Romantic Nationalism

Admission requirements and information

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Program Highlights

Hands-on opportunities

Study abroad opportunities - Cultural and academic experiences at destinations around the world.

Program enhancements

Arts and Science Honours Academy (ASHA) - A six-course interdisciplinary program with a second language aspect and travel components.

Chair of the Music Performance area, Edmond also conducts the University of Calgary Orchestra, is a violin instructor and first violinist of the UCalgary String Quartet. “Because of the size of our program, students have an unusually great number of opportunities to perform and to experience a wide range of musical styles. Guest master classes, associations with the renowned ProMusica Chamber Music series, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Mount Royal Conservatory, and access to the acoustically acclaimed Rozsa Centre create motivating and inspiring learning opportunities.” ​

Edmond Agopian — Promoting student performance

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“One of the best things about the music program is the collaboration with artists from different disciplines—dance, drama, music, visual art. In my third year I teamed up with a dance major and a visual artist to create an interdisciplinary interpretation of a saxophone piece, expanding it beyond pure aural artistry. My experiences have introduced me to a love for creating, performing and challenging myself in new ways. With a balance between academic and practical work, the program gives students the capacity to use creativity, critical thinking and musical skill.”

Simon M. — Weaving colour and nuance into the sound of the saxophone

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