General Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Why choose General Mathematics?

General Mathematics scholars ask questions such as: How can mathematical theories be used to solve concrete problems? What computational techniques are used in market analysis? How can statistical data be used in city planning?

General Mathematics explores the various branches of mathematics and their applications in the real world. During the course of your studies, much of your learning will occur while actively working on problems in class, during tutorials and in take-home written assignments. You’ll learn mathematics fundamentals and gain exposure to a variety of modern mathematical subjects such as mathematical analysis, abstract algebra, geometry, number theory, statistics and actuarial science.

Career opportunities

​As a General Mathematics graduate, you’ll have global opportunities to work in areas such as quantitative finance, industrial mathematics, computing and software development, data science and analytics, and teaching mathematics at the primary and secondary school level. The creative, exploratory and lateral thinking in problem solving you’ll develop in this degree will be applicable to a wide variety of career opportunities. A degree in General Mathematics can also be used as a stepping-stone to another professional degree such as education, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or architecture.

Courses in this program

Introductory Calculus, Linear Methods, Advanced Introduction to Computer Science, Programming with Data, Introduction to Statistical Inquiry, Discrete Mathematics, Numbers and Proofs.

Admission requirements
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