Education (Social Studies, Social Studies - Revitalization of Indigenous Languages)

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Why choose Education (Social Studies, Social Studies - Revitalization of Indigenous Languages)?

Educators ask questions such as: How do classroom dynamics impact learning? Are there new ways to engage students? Do learning styles affect test scores?

Bachelor of Education graduates are certified to teach in Alberta’s kindergarten through grade twelve classrooms, across all subject areas. Whether you’re interested in elementary or secondary education, our programs will provide you with theoretical and practical experiences that’ll help you establish an enriching career.

While education is your major, you will declare a teachable subject area focus. The teachables on this page include: Social Studies, and the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages. Social Studies educators work to foster community and democratic engagement. Revitalization educators foster an understanding of the importance of Indigenous language to culture and history. Visit the undergraduate education site to learn more about these and all other teachable subject areas offered.


The University of Calgary offers five pathways to obtain your Bachelor of Education, presenting plenty of options for you to find your best fit. We offer teachable subject areas in elementary, secondary, and kindergarten through grade twelve routes.

Social Studies is available through the following routes: K-12 (Four-Year Community-Based only), Elementary, and Secondary. It is available in all Pathways.

Revitalization of Indigenous Languages is available through the Elementary route and the Four-Year On-Campus Pathway.

  • Four-Year On-Campus Pathway: Our four-year BEd is the fastest way to become a certified teacher, intended for high school or transfer applicants. This degree ensures that you receive both teachable subject area expertise, as well as a breadth of coursework to help you work in all ‘k-12’ classrooms.
  • Four-Year Community-Based Pathway: If you live in a rural and remote community, the Community-Based pathway offers you the ability to complete your BEd in a blended-delivery format, with online courses, field experience practicum placements conducted in or near your home community, and two-week summer intensives. You’ll receive continual support and guidance from our Calgary-based Undergraduate Programs in Education office over the course of your studies.
  • Five-Year Concurrent Pathway: The Concurrent BEd allows you to earn two degrees in just five years of full-time study. You’ll graduate with both a Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts, Science, or Kinesiology. All available degree and major combinations can be found on the undergraduate education site. This pathway is available to both high school or transfer applicants with fewer than 20 post-secondary courses completed.
  • Two-Year After-Degree On-Campus Pathway: If you’ve already completed a degree, and would like to pursue your dream of becoming a teacher, our two-year after-degree will ensure you get all of the coursework required to obtain your BEd parchment, and your teacher certification.
  • Two-Year After-Degree Community-Based Pathway: Also for degree-holders, the Community-Based pathway is for students residing in rural and remote areas, with the same blended-delivery format as the four-year pathway described above.

Career opportunities

​Teaching within primary and secondary schools, working as vocational college instructors, and taking on administrative roles in the educational system are just a sampling of the careers available to educators. A degree in education can also be used as a stepping-stone to another professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or dentistry.

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