Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)

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What you will learn in this program

Bioinformatics scholars ask questions such as: How different are people from one another? Can we effectively visualize enormous, complex sets of biological data? Can bioinformatics advance personalized medicine?

Bioinformatics focuses on the unique issues that occur when you apply computers to biological systems. During the course of your studies, you'll receive comprehensive training in computer science, mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. Much of your learning will occur while actively working on problems in class, during tutorials and in the laboratory.

Career opportunities

​With a degree in Bioinformatics, you’ll have global opportunities to work in pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology, genomics, genetics, business administration and more. This degree can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or architecture.

Courses you'll take:

Developing Health Research Literacy I, Interdisciplinary Research Approaches, Introductory Calculus, Software Analysis And Design, ​Energy Flow in Biological Systems

Admission requirements and information

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Important dates and deadlines

Program Highlights

Program enhancements

Collaborative team work - Interact with your peers while learning to collaborate on projects.

Program enhancements

Lab work - Learn how to use tools and develop techniques within a supervised laboratory setting.

Hands-on opportunities

Study abroad opportunities - Cultural and academic experiences at destinations around the world.

This program is unique and filled with opportunity. The blend of computer science and health science lets you choose your unique path through the world of bioinformatics. I have spent two summers working in labs with great researchers from both the University of Calgary and the Alberta Children's Hospital gaining mentors along the way. Overall this program is full of choices, letting you build a custom degree.

Patrick C., bioinformatics student

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​Computers are transforming medicine and health sciences. Training in bioinformatics will help prepare you for a variety of future careers: scientist, physician, computer programmer...The bioinformatics stream is also the smallest major in the BHSc program. We foster an atmosphere of excellence and have a very engaged and active group of students and faculty mentors.

Christian Jacob, PhD — Professor; Director, Bioinformatics

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​When I was younger, I looked for ways to combine my love of computer science with biology and health. As one of the first programs to offer bioinformatics, this was a natural choice for me. Now I’m working on a genomics startup in New York City, SolveBio. Our goal is to make it easier for hospitals and researchers to leverage the power of genomics and precision medicine to improve healthcare. The whole genomics industry is taking off – it’s a great time to be able to code and understand biology!

​David C., BHSc'08

Faculty Information

Cumming School of Medicine
Health Sciences Centre
Foothills Campus, University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N1