Bachelor of Science (BSc)

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What you will learn in this program

Biochemists ask questions such as: How do fireflies create light within their bodies? Why are vitamins essential for human health? How can some bacteria thrive in boiling temperatures?

Biochemists are curious about how and why biological processes happen, and they research answers down to the molecular level. During the course of your studies, much of your learning will occur while actively working on problems in class, during tutorials, and in the laboratory. This degree will provide you with an understanding of the theory and practical use of current techniques used in biochemistry research, and will give you an understanding of newly evolving fields such as bioinformatics and functional proteomics.

Career opportunities

​Biochemists have global opportunities to work in areas such as biotechnology, toxicology, clinical chemistry, animal science, and more. A degree in Biochemistry can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or a professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or architecture.

Courses you'll take:

Biochemistry of Life Processes, Linear Methods I, Mechanics, University Calculus I, ​Energy Flow in Biological Systems

Admission requirements and information

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Important dates and deadlines

Program Highlights

Program enhancements

Collaborative team work - Interact with your peers while learning to collaborate on projects.

Program enhancements

Practical research opportunities - Gain hands-on experience learning techniques and using tools to address real-world issues.

Program enhancements

Lab work - Learn how to use tools and develop techniques within a supervised laboratory setting.

Hands-on opportunities

Study abroad opportunities - Cultural and academic experiences at destinations around the world.

​My undergraduate education and graduate studies training at the University of Calgary set me up to become a leader in my field. My biochemistry education stressed the foundations of concepts and knowledge in chemistry and did not just spoon-feed me facts, which was key for me to become an independent thinker which and led me towards new discoveries in science. I frequently reflect on the excellent mentoring I received early in my training from the faculty at this university.

​Raymond T., BSc'90

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​Biochemistry professor Dae-Kyun Ro is using lettuce stems to identify one of the key enzymes needed to synthesize natural rubber in lettuce and other plants. The benefits of increasing our use of natural rubber will have significant benefits on the environment by reducing our reliance on the petrochemicals usually used to manufacture rubber. His research team’s findings represent the first natural biosynthetic model supported by concrete experimental data in over 50 years of research.

First natural biosynthetic model in 50 years

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​Now in my third year, I’m very glad I chose to study biochemistry (honours). A prominent memory from first year was being invited to the biochemistry info night hosted by the faculty members; it was a wonderful opportunity to chat with some professors in the field and to make a few friends as well. It’s also great how the core courses for each semester have overlapping content, and lots of availabilities for options allowed me to study other topics I was interested in, like Greek mythology!

​Amy Yu Z., biochemistry (honours) student

Faculty Information

Faculty of Science
Biological Sciences, Room 570
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4