Your success and wellness

We have resources dedicated to help you achieve academic success and to help you maintain your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Minimizing stress, maximizing success

As you consider universities, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. But here's a little secret: we really want you to succeed.

That's why we have the Student Success Centre, dedicated to helping you make the most of your experience at the University of Calgary. Whether it's advising you as you choose your major, helping you with personalized academic planning, programming to get you through the first six weeks of university, or even writing support, we’re here to support your academic success.

We also know that academic success is only possible if you take care of yourself first. Our Wellness Centre focuses on creating a healthy campus community and empowering you to maintain your own health and wellbeing. With health services, counselling, student support and outreach, and numerous events and programs throughout the year, we want to make sure that you can easily access programs and services to keep you healthy.

We’re excited to challenge you and help you grow and learn. At times, university can be frustrating, stressful or maybe even overwhelming. But remember that we’ve got your back.

Students studying

The Student Success Centre's services and programs will help ensure you make the most of your time at UCalgary.

UCalgary Student Wellness Services

UCalgary Student Wellness Services offers comprehensive, holistic and accessible programs and services to foster all dimensions of wellness.