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Admissions COVID-19 FAQs

We recognize that this has been a stressful time with unknown and unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. University of Calgary continues to be committed to supporting students during this time; we will continue to communicate with students and schools to understand impacts and determine the best way forward. We want to ensure students are not disadvantaged and are supported as they start their post-secondary journey. To support you in this time, please read our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to apply to UCalgary for a future term and would like to know how the grades received will impact my application evaluation?

1. High School applicants: All grades, as reported by the reporting authority in the country, province or territory will be used, with or without a final examination.

2. Transfer applicants: We will use the grade and course information provided by your post-secondary institution as follows:

  • Admission average: All graded courses, up to 30 units, will be used in the Admission GPA calculation. Courses taken and awarded credit on an alternative grading system (e.g., Credit Received, Completed Requirements, pass, complete, unweighted) will not be used as part of the 30 units to calculate the admission average.
  • Required courses: Courses taken in winter 2020 to winter 2021 that are graded or were awarded credit on an alternative grading system (e.g., Credit Received, Completed Requirements, pass, complete) will be used to meet required courses for admission. These courses will not be used in the admission average calculation.


My high school made changes to the grading system and I received pass/fail grades for some of my required courses for admission. How will these courses be used?

Courses taken in Winter 2020 though Winter 2021 that were awarded a credit grade (or equivalent) will be used to meet the required courses for admission.             

When a grade of CR (or equivalent) is received for a required course, the admission average will be calculated in the following way:

  • For early/standard admission when a grade for a required course is not available at the 20 or 30 level, the admission average will be calculated based on the other required courses presented with a percentage grade
  • For final admission when a grade for a required course is not available at the 30 level, the 20 level course will be used in the final admission calculation.
  • For final admission or finalizing an offer of admission, when a grade for a required course is not available at the 20 or 30 level, the University will work with the student case by case to provide alternate assessment information for consideration.


My school has moved to a quad-mester/octo-semester, can I submit a transcript after each semester?

As a result of COVID 19, we recognize that school boards/education systems have taken a variety of approaches to the high school semester structure (quad-semester, octo-semester, regular semester). To ensure a consistent and equitable process across the different semester structures being used this year, the University of Calgary will accept transcripts for admission evaluation following traditional semester timelines:

  • Grade 11 as soon as you apply
  • February for any courses completed between September and January
  • July for courses completed between February and June.

Students in a non-semestered or linear school will be able to submit interim/predicted grades as per our regular processes.


With English Language Test Centres closed in many regions, what online test options are acceptable to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements?

The following online test options are accepted: TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition, IELTS Indicator, Duolingo and CAEL online to meet the UCalgary ELP requirements.


I am an applicant from the United States. Is a SAT or ACT test required for admission?

As of Summer 2021 admissions, University of Calgary has moved to test-optional and SAT test scores are not required for admission.

Students who are missing required courses for admission consideration may present AP Exams or previously completed SAT subject tests as an alternative. See our calendar for equivalents.

I am concerned about Study Permit timelines.

As soon as you have been admitted, apply for your study permit.

UCalgary has regulated immigration advisors who are legally authorized to provide advice on Canadian study permits and can be reached at issimmigration@ucalgary.ca.

For Study Permit information, please click here.


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