Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Address: 527 Campus Place NW
Building abbreviation: SS
Building number: 14

The arts faculty develops engaging citizens using critical inquiry, creative practices and collaborative exploration. Through collaboration with top researchers on cultural, historical, philosophical, social, economic and political topics across 12 departments and two schools, students develop expansive knowledge towards their future careers.

Faculty of Arts

What's inside?

Faculty of Arts, Dean's Office

Faculty of Arts Student Advising Office

Department of Communication, Media and Film, main office

Department of Economics, main office

Department of English, main office

Department of Classics and Religion, main office

Department of History, main office

Department of Philosophy, main office

Department of Political Science, main office

Department of Sociology, main office

Center for Military and Strategic Studies

Social Sciences

Building Construction

Completion Date

December 1969

Main Contractor

Oland Construction

Lead Consultants

Architect: Alberta Dept. of Public Works
Structural: M.T. Moriarty & Associates
Mechanical: H.W. Klassen & Associates
Electrical: H.W. Klassen & Associates