Students working in the Maker Lab at TFDL

Explore the world of experiential learning at UCalgary

Experiential learning (EL) creates space for individual growth, critical examination of our world and the opportunity to address society’s most pressing challenges.


What is experiential learning?

Experiential-learning opportunities support students in discovering their sense of purpose, building essential skills, enhancing employability, and preparing them for leadership roles in their communities and organizations.

Students working with a 3D printer

Types of experiential learning at UCalgary

Experiential learning often — but not always — takes learners outside of the classroom. It includes internships, field studies, co-ops, laboratories, creative performances, simulations, capstone projects, practicums, undergraduate research and many others.

People working on research at Barrier Lake, Alberta

The Office of Experiential Learning

Many people contribute to experiential learning at UCalgary. Connect with our Office of Experiential Learning for support in designing experiential-learning opportunities.