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Submitted by Clara Clorey on Wed, 09/28/2016 - 3:25pm

Stay informed. Stay safe on campus.

For imminent or life-threatening situations, call 911. For all other situations, call Campus Security at 403-220-5333.

Emergency Management aligns with the four phases of emergency preparedness and resilience: prevention/mitigation, preparation, response and recovery. This approach helps to ensure the safety of our campus community, while also providing for the continuation and/or recovery of critical service delivery and business operations in the event of a disruption. 


As part of our efforts to support a safe campus environment, the university will be carrying out evacuation drills from September 18 – 28, 2017 in campus buildings as part of our annual emergency preparedness training.

For a complete schedule of building evacuation dates and times, please visit the evacuation drill schedule.

From Sept. 19 – 29, 40 evacuation drills were completed in buildings on main and Foothills campuses with help from 168 campus volunteers and emergency wardens. Here are some facts about the evacuation drills:

  • The two tallest buildings, Education Tower and Social Sciences, were evacuated in eight and 12 minutes respectively
  • Newest warden team – the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
  • Positive response and results to the new "Danger Do Not Enter - Evacuation in Progress" signage where it was piloted
  • Most improved evacuation drill – the Administration building which was evacuated in under five minutes this year

Thank you to all those who evacuated the buildings promptly, the volunteers, the wardens and the Emergency Management staff.