Lab Group

Graduate Students


Colin Firminger | Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program: PhD

MSc Biomedical Engineering, University of Calgary

BSc Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Specialization, University of Calgary

Project: Repetitive loading and cumulative damage in the human patellar tendon



Michael Baggaley | Kinesiology Graduate Program: PhD

MS Biomechanics, University of Kentucky

BS Athletic Training, Mercyhurst University

Project: Musculoskeletal loading during graded running



Olivia Bruce | Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program: PhD

MSc Biomechanics, University of Calgary

BSc Kinesiology, Queen's University

Current Project: Statistical shape and intensity models of the tibia-fibula complex



Monica Russell | Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program: MSc

BSc Kinesiology (Biomechanics), University of Calgary

Current project: Biomechanical differences between young adults with and without youth sport-related ankle joint injury (Co-supervised with Carolyn Emery, PT, PhD)



Stacey Lobos BSc Kin

Research Assistant

BSc Kinesiology, University of Calgary


W. Brent Edwards PhD | Associate Professor

Principal Investigator

PhD Biomechanics, Iowa State Uni.


Ifaz Haider PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Mech. Engineering, Carleton Uni.

Additional Undergraduate Students

Mollee Ramsey

Honours Project 2017/18

“Biomechanical mechanisms of competitive jump rope athletes resulting in overuse injuries: a comparison to running”

Teague Foreman

Honours Project 2017/18

“The effects of surface stiffness and shoe cushioning on jump height performance in high school and varsity basketball players”

Genneva Kennedy

Honours Project 2017/18

“Effects of elastic kinesiology tape on ankle joint kinematics, moments and perceptions of performance in youth competitive jump rope athletes”

Lindon Fedorick

Honours Project 2017/18

“Determining the effects of obesity on mechanical properties of tendons”

Ian Matthews

Honours Project 2014/15

“Sample preparation and loading protocol development for uniaxial compression of synthetic and bovine cortical bone”

Summer 2015

“Examining the mechanical properties of a synthetic bone analog for use in orthopedic applications”

Anita Fung

Summer 2014

“Effect of teriparatide, vibration, and the combination on bone quality in chronic spinal cord injury”

Winter 2014

“An approach to examine the effect of implant geometry on periprosthetic bone remodeling from bone-anchored amputation prostheses”, 09/2014-12/2014

Lab Alumni


Aleena Pangka MSc

MSc Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, University of Calgary

“Biomechanical measures of the muscle-bone unit in humans”

Year of Defense: 2016


Anita Fung MSc

MSc Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, University of Calgary

“Experimental validation of finite element predicted bone strain in human metatarsals”

Year of Defense: 2017


Lindsay Loundagin PhD

PhD Biomechanics, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Manchester

"The influence of intracortical microarchitecture on the mechanical fatigue behaviour of bone"

Year of Defense: 2020