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The Department of Clinical Neurosciences was founded on the belief that the pursuit of new knowledge through research was a foundation for excellence in neurological patient care and that the best care occurred in an environment where research was fostered, embraced and celebrated.

Virtually all members of the Department are involved in research to some degree and many are pursuing research at the highest level. Nearly 50 per cent of our members in Clinical Neurosciences hold a grant in aide of research from an external agency; 25 per cent hold an external salary award or research operating grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research or the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research; and 10 per cent hold a Canada Research Chair or Endowed Chair. Total external funding for research in Clinical Neurosciences now exceeds $20 million annually. And last year our department members published over 375 papers in respected, peer-reviewed journals.

The range of research activities in Clinical Neurosciences is broad and spans the continuum from basic neuroscience, to disease states, to clinical trials, to neurological health in large populations. Our scientists study diverse topics such as the structure and function of ion channels in nervous tissues, mediators of inflammation in disease of the brain, genetic alterations in brain cancers, advanced robotic technologies for micro-neurosurgery, determinants of quality of life in patients with epilepsy, investigational therapies for acute stroke, and the study of brain recovery after injury.

Our department is also involved in world-class clinical trials in a number of areas. Information on our current clinical trials is available below:

The following publication and grant buttons link to PDFs from our most recent year. Content for the entire department is contained within each PDF, organized by division: