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Tamara PringsheimDr Tamara Pringsheim is a clinical assistant professor in the departments of clinical neurosciences and pediatrics at the University of Calgary.  She is a neurologist specializing in the treatment of Tourette Syndrome.  She completed her five year residency at the University of Toronto in adult neurology.  She went on to a 3 year neuropsychiatry fellowship under Dr Paul Sandor and Dr Anthony Lang at the Tourette Syndrome Neurodevelopmental Clinic and the Movement Disorders Centre at the Toronto Western Hospital.  In addition to her clinical subspecialty training, Dr Pringsheim completed a Masters degree in Clinical Epidemiology in the department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.  Dr Pringsheim also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders in children and adults. 

Dr Bonnie Moshenko-Mitchell is a psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders.  She completed a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology from the University of New Brunswick, and a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Calgary.  She has a wealth of experience with cognitive behavioural therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders, and is also an expert in the assessment of autistic spectrum disorders and behavioural disorders in children.