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Lara Cooke

  Position: Associate Professor
  Rank: Associate Professor of Neurology
  Degrees: MD, MSc, FRCPC
  Educational Background: Neurosciences, headache and medical education
  Program & Research Interest: Headache

Headache Clinic (403) 956-3441
General Neuro Clinic (403) 944-4242

After completing graduate studies in Neurophysiology at the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Cooke attended medical school at the University of Calgary.  Following this, she continued on in Calgary to complete her training in neurology, a fellowship in Headache Medicine, and a Master’s of Medical Education.  Dr. Cooke stayed in Calgary to practice in the environment in which her early training and mentorship occurred, having fallen in love with the west, and with the idea of practicing in such a stimulating environment.

As the Associate Dean of Continuing Medical Education and Professional development, Dr. Cooke has worked locally, nationally, and internationally to present research and curricular reform in the area of teaching communication skills to specialty residents.  More recent research interests include; enhancing self-efficacy of teachers of International Medical Graduates, understanding how medical students learn about medical professionalism, and using “deliberate practice” as an ideal model for faculty development.

Currently, Dr. Cooke is working on physician professional development and how to use physician administrative data to inform physician learning.