Under review


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Functional brain networks in Developmental Topographical Disorientation

in preparation (2023).


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Do the statistical properties of aftershocks change in fluid-induced settings?

in preparation (2023).


Ziyan Li, David Eaton, and Jörn Davidsen

Physics-informed deep learning to forecast Mmax during hydraulic fracturing

submitted (2023).


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Criticality and universality in neuronal cultures during up and down states

in preparation (2023).


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Different paths of information routing preserve scale-free neuronal and behavioral dynamics

submitted (2023).


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Existence of multiple transitions of the critical state due to anesthetics

submitted (2023).


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What controls the characteristics of compressive failure and accelerated seismic release?

submitted (2023).


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Spatial-temporal analysis of neural desynchronization in sleep-like states reveals critical dynamics

submitted (2022).


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The psychedelic ibogaine disrupts cognitive maps.

submitted (2021).


Javier Orlandi, Deyanell Hernandez, Sarah Leong, Jörn Davidsen and Michael Colicos

Neuroligin 3 expression in astrocytes mediates neuron/glial communication

submitted (2020).

Peer-reviewed articles


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Chimera patterns in conservative Hamiltonian systems and Bose–Einstein condensates of ultracold atoms

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Separating primary and secondary mechanisms for seismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing

accepted, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America XXX (2023).


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Limited earthquake interaction during a geothermal hydraulic stimulation in Helsinki, Finland

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The Influence of Landmark Judgments and Statutory Changes on the Family Litigation Explosion: A Citation Network Analysis

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Embedded Chimera States in Recurrent Neural Networks

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Short-term forecasting of Mmax during hydraulic fracturing

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Spatiotemporal Clustering of Seismicity in the Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area

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Sheared granular matter & the empirical relations of seismicity

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Prenatal Stress Dysregulates Resting-State Functional Connectivity and Sensory Motifs

Neurobiology of Stress 15, 100345 (2021), preprint bioRxiv:268359.


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A biochemical mechanism for time-encoding memory formation within individual synapses of Purkinje cells

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Seismic hazard due to fluid injections

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Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems in the presence of non-Markovian diffusion 

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Self-organization and time-stability of social hierarchies

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Multistability and variations in basin of attraction of power-grid systems

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Self-similar aftershock rates

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Editorials, extended abstracts & non-peer-reviewed articles


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Symmetry-breaking spirals

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