Be prepared for convocation

Congratulations on making it to graduation! Here are some tips to get you through ceremony day.

Make sure you arrive at least one hour before the ceremony. You need your photo ID to:

  • Pick up your regalia (gown, hood and cap) and degree.
  • Have your hood pinned in place.
  • Line up for the graduand procession.

Make sure you have eaten, are well hydrated and have used the washroom. Once you check in, you’re in the Jack Simpson Gym until the ceremony is over; this can last from 2.5 to three hours.

Your guests don’t have to RSVP or check in. They can get into the Jack Simpson Gym one hour before the ceremony.

Select your outfit wisely. It can get quite warm under the gown so make sure you’re wearing something light, breathable and comfortable. While you’re planning your grad look, keep in mind the cap will flatten your hair so style it accordingly.

If you’re planning on purchasing new shoes for the occasion, break them in well in advance.

Be selective with what you bring to the ceremony because there’s no storage. Remember, you can’t bring purses, corsages, flowers, jackets or mementos.

Arrange a meeting point with your family for after the ceremony to make it easier to find each other.

If you’re taking photos, some of the best spots to get pictures on campus are:

  • University of Calgary sign next to the arch
  • Outdoor spaces around the Olympic Oval and TFDL Quad
  • Kinesiology’s Dinosaur
  • Olympic Arch
  • The Spire outside the Olympic Oval

If you want professional photos, you can learn more about booking with Artona. You’ll also be photographed during the ceremony and you’ll receive information on how to order them straight to your inbox and your home address. The photographer will be available after the ceremony on a first come, first served basis.

After the ceremony make sure you return your gown and hood or you'll be charged a fee to replace them. Bring them to the graduand meeting place before 6 p.m.