Fall 2021 FAQ

Find the latest information about our return to campus this fall.

Welcome to the fall 2021 term

We’re excited to have the UCalgary community together in-person and online this fall.

We know that many of you will have questions – so we’ll update and add to this FAQ page as new information becomes available.

As well as being sent to students' UCalgary email addresses, the latest updates are also posted on the university's COVID-19 Response page.

You can also find information about mask requirements, rapid testing, and vaccination on the COVIDSafe Campus page


If you are a student and test positive for COVID-19, please contact each of your instructors/professors directly to make arrangements. For the fall term, you are not required to provide supplementary evidence of your absence.  

Yes. Details about residence services, safety protocol and more can be found on the Residence Services COVID-19 FAQ.

Current requirements:

All those who come to campus are required to undergo regular rapid testing unless they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are exempt from this requirement.

Those who are not fully vaccinated, and those who would prefer not to disclose their vaccine status, will need to regularly complete a rapid screening test, and receive a negative result, before they participate in in-person activities.

Members of the public, contractors and other individuals who work on or visit university campuses will also be required to complete regular COVID-19 testing or fully vaccinate before coming to campus. 

Any individual who cannot be tested or vaccinated based on medical or other protected grounds recognized by the Alberta Human Rights Act can request an accommodation.

Find more FAQ about vaccine requirements at UCalgary.

Upcoming requirements:

UCalgary will be requiring students, faculty and staff to be fully vaccinated – or have a legitimate exemption to vaccination – by January 1, 2022. Additionally, visitors to campus will be required to provide proof of vaccination status, effective October 1, 2021.

Read more. 

To promote a healthy and safe learning, working, and living environment, non-medical face masks must now be worn in all public indoor areas on UCalgary campuses where physical distancing is not possible.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) both formally recommend mask use indoors. Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw also recommends mask usage to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Masks are not necessary to be worn on campus under the following circumstances:

  • Working alone in private offices
  • Working outdoors and there is a minimum of 2 metres between people
  • Meeting indoors and there is a minimum of 2 metres between people
  • Working alone in a shared space
  • Working in a cubicle with plexiglass, wall, or other approved barrier between people and when not providing services to anyone
  • In a classroom where there is a minimum of 2 metres between instructor or among students

If you don’t have any in-person course components, you don’t need to come to campus. If a course is online, the final exam for that course will also be online.

The university continues to work very closely with Alberta Health Services to ensure our return to campus strategy aligns with the latest health guidelines. As it has been since the start of the pandemic, your safety is our top priority.

If there are positive COVID-19 cases on campus, the university will continue to proceed according to the latest Alberta Health Services regulations.

First, check to see if there’s an online version of the course being offered. Faculties may have options to support students who cannot come to campus.

If there's no online version, or the one offered is full, connect with an academic advisor (or, for graduate students, your supervisor or program director) to discuss your other options for courses. You can find contact information for your faculty’s advising office here.

If you are an international student concerned that unexpected immigration challenges could prevent you from attending classes, reach out to our International Student Services team at issimmigration@ucalgary.ca.

If you have concerns about returning to campus based on a medical condition, please contact our Student Accessibility Services team at access@ucalgary.ca for help and guidance.

Our goal is to be as supportive as possible to students who face challenges in coming to campus for the fall. If you need support from one of the offices listed here, please don’t hesitate to connect. We want to help however we can!

The last day to add, drop, or swap a course is September 17. The last day to drop a class without financial penalty is September 16.

You can view more important dates on UCalgary’s Academic Schedule.

Blended courses include both in-person and online meetings. 

Online course components (including the online portion of blended courses) can be synchronous or asynchronous:

  • Synchronous course components are scheduled at specific times. Students must participate or engage at the scheduled times.
  • Asynchronous course components are not scheduled at specific times. Students may engage with the course material when it is convenient for them.

For more information, including how to check if your online course component is synchronous, asynchronous or hybrid, visit the Office of the Registrar website

If you are an undergraduate students or course-based graduate student whose courses are being delivered 100% online, you are not being charged on-campus general fees. On-campus general fees include access to Campus Recreation, Athletics, and UPass. 

Our campus is fully open this semester. To ensure you can take advantage of campus life, you have the choice to opt back in to on-campus services for fall 2021. You can opt-in by submitting a service request before Sept. 24 at 11:59 p.m. This guide will show you how to create a new service request.

Co-op/internship students: this process does not apply to students who are on co-op or on an internship. Contact Enrolment Services if you need support accessing on-campus services and fees.

Need help understanding your course information or want to discuss the on-campus fees opt-in process? Connect with our Enrolment Services team.

Learn how to view and understand your course delivery information.

Submitting a Fall 2021 On-Campus Fees Opt-In service request will opt you into the following on-campus services:

Full-time students (taking 9 or more units) will pay $250.47 for:

  • UPass - $155 
  • Athletics - $40.10              
  • Campus Recreation (Active Living) - $55.37 

Part-time students (taking fewer than 9 units) will pay $95.47 for:

  • Athletics - $40.10              
  • Campus Recreation (Active Living) - $55.37 

You can view your current charges in your Student Centre (my.ucalgary.ca) under the "My Financials" section. On-campus fees will be updated before the fall tuition and fee payment deadline, which is Sept. 24. Check your balance before the deadline to pay your fees.  

Note: the option to opt in to on-campus fees applies to all on-campus fees and services. If you opt in, all on-campus services will be charged to your account depending on your full- or part-time student status. This process does not apply to students who are on co-op or on an internship. Contact Enrolment Services if you need support accessing on-campus services and fees.

Need help understanding your course information or want to discuss the on-campus fees opt-in process? Connect with our Enrolment Services team.

Additional information for international students

We know that, for many international students, travelling to Canada during the pandemic can be complicated — so we want to support you as much as possible. 

You can find detailed and up-to-date travel requirements on the Government of Canada website. These requirements have frequently changed over the past year and will likely change again prior to September, so be sure to check back often prior to travelling.

You will also need to let UCalgary know your arrival date. Learn more on our UCalgary quarantine guidelines page.

We know that, for many international students, additional preparation is required for travelling to Canada for the fall — so we want to support you as much as possible. If you have questions or require support regarding immigration challenges, reach out to our International Student Services office at issimmigration@ucalgary.ca

If you will not be able to travel to Canada, check to see if there are online course options available. Faculties may have options for students until they are able to arrive on campus. Your faculty’s advising office (or, for graduate students, your supervisor or program director) may be able to help with selecting courses that are appropriate, given your situation. Note that, although you do not require a study permit to begin your courses online, we strongly recommend you apply now so that you can travel when the study permit is approved — and so that any time spent studying online outside of Canada can count toward Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) eligibility.

First, check the International Student Services COVID-19 FAQ page. If you don’t find the information you need, you can email our International Student Services team at iss@ucalgary.ca. The team also has immigration advisors who can provide information and advice.