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The objective of the Creative Writing Research Group is to facilitate the creation, dissemination, and critically-aware reception of writing of artistic merit.


To meet this objective, the Creative Writing Research Group seeks to engage with various research- and publication-based activities. These activities include providing forums for on- and off-campus authors to present their work, and exploring the range of historic and contemporary technologies, media, and interdisciplinary avenues for circulating the written word. Investigations into the social conditions that encourage or discourage the creation of literature, and research into writing pedagogies also fall within our purview.


We link our efforts to developments in the wider writing communities of Calgary, Alberta, and Canada, as well as among international literary practitioners, thereby heightening the University of Calgary's profile among writers and readers. Our overall aim is to enhance the scope and quality of writing produced by both University of Calgary faculty and students, and to advance research into the teaching of writing.

Upcoming Events:


Canada Council Sponsored Readings (Fall 2006)

Annabel Lyon, Zsuzsi Gartner, George Bowering, Susan Swan



Canada Council Sponsored Readings (Winter 2006):

Susan Musgrave, Darren Wershler-Henry, Thomas Wharton


Key Milestones

bulletSometime soon: have a website!
bulletEven sooner: learn how to make a website!
bulletmore ...

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