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Math Sciences 151
University of Calgary
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Monday - Friday
8:30am - 12:00pm
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T. 403.220.6613

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The U of C Open Source Mirror Site

Welcome! This mirror site is operated by the Department of Computer Science. Everything here is updated nightly, so rest assured that it's current. If you have any questions, comments or requests, please email

What we have to offer

Arch Linux [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Centos [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Cygwin [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Dag Wieers' RPM Repository [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Debian [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Fedora EPEL [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Fedora Linux [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
The Linux Documentation Project [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
The Linux Kernel Archives [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Scientific Linux [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Suse Linux [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Ubuntu Linux [Our Mirror] [Master Site]
Unity-Linux [Our Mirror] [Master Site]

All of this material may also be accessed via FTP.

Want to build a Fedora / RedHat system using this server?

All your questions are answered here.

Want to update your Fedora / RedHat system?

You may be interested in using our Yum repositories.