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Technical Support

Help Desk Location:
Math Sciences 151
University of Calgary
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Help Desk Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 12:00pm
1:00pm - 4:30pm

T. 403.220.6613

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Obtaining Your CPSC User Account

A CPSC account is required to access CPSC specific computing services.  This account is separate from your Campus IT account.  While these two accounts often have the same username, they are managed separately.  CPSC accounts allow access to Department services and Campus IT accounts provide access to campus wide services, such as email, calendar, PeopleSoft and WiFi.

The first step toward accessing the computer science (CPSC) network and computing resources we offer is to obtain your CPSC user account.


In order to receive a CPSC user account, you must:

  • Be enrolled in the current semester in CPSC 215 or higher, or a declared CPSC major or minor

If you meet the requirements above, drop by the Faculty of Science Help Desk (MS 151) anytime with your Unicard to receive your CPSC account.

Graduate Students, Research Admin Staff and Visiting Researchers

To have a CPSC account created for a graduate student, a research admin staff member or visiting researcher, first a faculty member must send a request to the Faculty of Science IT Help Desk with the UCID Number of the new arrival.

A valid UCID card must be presented and a User Agreement signed in order to receive a CPSC account from the Faculty of Science IT Help Desk in MS 151.  In the case of visitors, the sponsoring faculty member must also sign the agreement. Individuals found in violation of the user agreement risk account suspension or removal.

Security Mechanisms

All CPSC accounts have a lockout policy enforced. An account will be locked after 8 failed login attempts and remain locked for a minimum of 5 minutes once attempts have stopped.

Requesting a Username Change

Your CPSC account username should match your UCIT account name. If your account name with UCIT has changed, you may request for a name change by submitting a request to our Help Desk.


All non-CPSC major student accounts are closed 4 months after the last CPSC course taken. All CPSC major student accounts are closed 4 months after the end of the program.

An email notification will be sent to your official University email address at least a month prior to account expiration.

UCIT Accounts

The University's Information Technologies group provides general computing accounts for all members of the University community. For online account registration, go to

UCIT accounts and services are administered separately from the Department of Computer Science. For help with your IT account or for other technical needs not provided by the Department, visit the UCIT Support Centre, Math Sciences 7th floor, or call 220-5555.