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Math Sciences 151
University of Calgary
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Monday - Friday
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T. 403.220.6613

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General FAQ

 How do I determine how much disk quota is being consumed?
A:  To view your Unix quota limits and usage, run quota -s  in a terminal, or run the CPSC Guide.

May I get a quota increase?
A: Every undergraduate account is assigned 1 GB on their home directory. In cases where the quota is insufficient to complete course work, a request can be made from the course's professor or instructor.  Also, after a student's 1st year, there is a .5GB increase for each year a student is in the program.

I accidentally deleted some files. How to I get them restored?
A: To have files restored, enter an online service request which includes the names and paths of the files you have lost and when you deleted them. Backups happen nightly so files and changes to files that have not persisted for at least 24 hours prior to deletion will not exist on tape.

How do I change my shell?
A: The default unix shell is tcsh. Run "chsh" if you wish to change from the default. The /etc/shells file lists the available shells.