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User Agreement

When you start to use your account, you enter into a binding agreement with the Department and agree to abide by the regulations laid out in this document.

To protect the privilege of access users enjoy, the Department must enforce certain regulations to protect the equipment and the rights of students, faculty, staff and persons on the internet in order to keep their data secure. At times, these regulations and penalties may seem excessive; however, each regulation is designed to: physically protect the equipment; ensure no-one tampers with users' files; ensure users have fair and equitable access to equipment; prevent criminal proceedings that involve the department.

The Department of Computer Science reserves the right to examine files, programs, printed output, magnetic media and any other material used on Computer Science systems at any time without warning. Files or output from activities in violation of the regulations may be deleted or confiscated. Offenders may be required to reimburse the department for parts and labour costs required to repair any damage and/or any other costs incurred in dealing with the violation(s).


  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws and University Policies and Procedures must not be violated using Computer Science resources and facilities.
  • Theft, willful abuse, or damage of University property may lead to suspension or expulsion from the University. Criminal charges may also be laid in connection with such activities.
  • Food and drink are banned from all computer science lab areas.
  • Computer accounts are for the sole use of the individual for whom they were created.
  • Malicious interference towards other users or system operation is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) Access, alteration or removal of other users' files. (b) Theft of printed output. (c) Attempting to determine the passwords of other users. (d) Interfering with an account which has been accidentally left logged in while unattended. (e) Sending mail or messages to other users which is likely to annoy or offend them. (f) Knowingly using the system in a manner which adversely impacts the computing resources of other users. (g) Attempting to break system security in any way.
  • Unprofessional conduct is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) Accessing another system via the Internet to violate any regulations outlined in this document. (b) Use of the system for commercial purposes. (c) Use of the system for playing games or storage of game software. (d) Use of the system for communication or storage of offensive material. This includes pornographic material, as described in the Criminal Code of Canada. (e) Use of the system for storage or execution of improperly obtained software or data, licensed or otherwise.
  • Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. Account and facility access for first year students and non-computer science majors is authorized from the time the student registers in a CPSC course until the beginning of the following semester. Account and facility access for computer science majors is authorized from the time the student enrolls in the undergraduate program until four (4) months after completion of the program. In the case of withdrawal or expulsion from the program, account and facility access is terminated immediately.
  • Equipment may not be moved for any reason.

Penalties for Violation of the Above Regulations

Evidence of violation of these rules and regulations may result in immediate loss of access to account and facilities. Pending further investigation, some offenses may result in further actions taken.

Please Note

It is your responsibility to stay abreast of and abide by any changes made to the Computer Science User Agreement by periodically checking this document.