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Department of Computer Science

602 ICT Building
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB  Canada T2N 1N4
T. 403.220.6015
F. 403.284-4707



Research Areas

Foundations of Computer Science

"Foundations" refers to the theoretical building blocks underlying all of computer science. Our group studies topics ranging from the capabilities and properties of classical and modern computers to those of exciting emerging areas such as quantum computers.

Information Security and Data Management

We live in an information age. Information is extracted from the data that is constantly gathered about us: our likes and dislikes, our friends, our purchases. This presents us with a large number of technical, social, and policy questions to investigate.

Networks and Distributed Systems

The Networks and Distributed Systems (NDS) area focuses on the design and analysis of distributed software systems and the network communication between these systems.

Software Engineering

We follow a multi-disciplinary research approach and have integrated concepts and approaches from decision science, artificial intelligence, knowledge management, and computational intelligence to achieve novel results in software engineering

Visual and Interactive Computing

Visual and Interactive Computing (VIC) addresses the boundaries between humans, computers, and real and artificial worlds: what people see and how they interact with what they see. Effective research in VIC integrates many areas of Computer Science.