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  • Yong-Yeol Ahn (Indiana University Bloomington, USA): Is the society of neurons organized at the edge of modularity? 
  • Signe Bray (University of Calgary, Canada): Brain networks in typical and atypical development
  • Michael Colicos (University of Calgary, Canada): Investigating Neuronal/Glial activity dynamics using in vitro cultured networks
  • Jörn Davidsen (University of Calgary, Canada): Welcome and introduction
  • Roberto Sotero Diaz (University of Calgary, Canada): Cross-frequency interactions during diffusion on brain networks are facilitated by scale-free properties
  • Dennis Dimond (University of Calgary, Canada): Novel diffusion metrics for characterizing typical and atypical white matter structure
  • Giuseppe Iaria (University of Calgary, Canada): The behavioural and neurological complexity of topographical orientation in humans
  • Hawoong Jeong (KAIST, Korea): Complex Network and Data Science 
  • Woo-Sung Jung (POSTECH, Korea): Network measurements and applications to brain
  • Byungnam Kahng (Seoul National University, Korea): Metastable state en route to TW synchronization state: potential applications to the recovery process of human consciousness
  • Beom Jun Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea): Synchronization in complex networks
  • Heetae Kim (Universidad de Talca, Chile): Why Luke Skywalker is the most important in Star Wars?: Community consistency and meso-scale characteristics of networks
  • Jinseop S. Kim (Korea Brain Research Institute, Korea): Nano-resolution connectomics: neuronal types, circuits and their computation
  • Daniel Korchinski (University of Calgary, Canada): Phase transitions in noisy neuronal systems
  • UnCheol Lee (University of Michigan, USA): Brain Network Mechanisms of the Loss and Recovery of Consciousness during General Anesthesia
  • Majid Mohajerani (University of Lethbridge, Canada): Mapping the spatiotemporal dynamics of hippocampal-cortical dialogue in health and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Javier G. Orlandi (University of Calgary, Canada): Emergent behaviour in neuronal cultures
  • David Park (University of Calgary, Canada): The Hotchkiss Brain Institute
  • Andrea Protzner (University of Calgary, Canada): Understanding Brain Signal Variability in the Context of Neurocognitive Aging
  • Lazaro Sanchez-Rodriguez (University of Calgary, Canada): Optimal control of complex brain networks in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Seung-Woo Son (Hanyang University, Korea): Complexity Science Approaches to Brain Dynamics
  • Mohammad Yaghoubi (University of Calgary, Canada): Neuronal avalanche dynamics and criticality in neuronal cultures


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