David Foster

I am a PhD student in the Complexity Science Group at the University of Calgary. I am working on several projects with Maya PaczuskiPeter Grassberger, and my brother Jacob Foster. I am also collaborating with Gordon Chua in the Department of Biology, Stuart Kauffman at the IBI, and Richard Hawkinsin Communications and Culture.


PhD Student, Physics, August 2006-present
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Supervisor: Professor Maya Paczuski

B.S. with Distinction, Physics, 2001-2005
Duke University, Durham, NC, USA
Thesis: A Structural Model of Genetic Regulatory Networks
Supervisor: Professor Joshua Socolar

Research interests

Economics; complex networks; statistical physics; systems biology and bioinformatics

Current projects

Studying the structure of large, directed networks including Twitter, Wikipedia and several web crawls with Golnoosh Bizhani and Seung-woo Son.

Network null models, focusing on the role of clustering. This project is in collaboration with Peter Grassberger and Maya Paczuski.

Studying Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games in collaboration with Jacob Foster.

For more information, please consult my CV.