Visitor Information

Planning and help with your trip

Please get in touch with Jörn directly if you have further questions or need assistance.

Getting here

The simplest way to get from the airport to the University or one of the lodgings nearby is to take a taxi or a limo. These are waiting outside at the airport and can be found by following the signs. The cost is about 40-50 Canadian dollars. Please keep your receipt. There is only one terminal at the airport and you will be met by volunteer greeters who are waiting to answer your questions and welcome you to Calgary.
It is also possible to take the bus. Presently the train does not run to the airport (typical of North American cities).

To come directly to the department by taxi, follow the directions on the campus map here. Instead of following the path on the map you can take the entrance at 32 Avenue and get dropped off at the ICT building (see campus map). Then you can walk in-doors from the ICT to Earth Sciences to Science B, following the map.

For a complete map of the University of Calgary, go here. We are in SB (or Building "Science B"). Note that almost all the buildings may be traversed in-doors. They are connected by a network of internal walkways.

Directions (on foot) from the from public transport("C-train", also known as LRT) to our offices, can be found here.

Directions (on foot) from the "Hotel Village" to the department can be found here.