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Learn how to add and maintain professional relationships and use your network to advance your career and help others.

What is networking?

There’s a common misconception that networking is only done in a professional context, like networking events or LinkedIn. However, your interactions with others can be viewed as networking — it's easier than you think!

Why is networking important?

Your connections with peers, colleagues, supervisors, family, and friends can be extremely valuable in your career growth. You can use your network to:

  • Help you find hidden opportunities
  • Meet more people in fields you may be interested in
  • Help you learn about industries/company culture before you apply

Tips to improve your networking

  • Look everywhere for contacts — where you volunteered, family, friends, peers and professors. All are great resources.
  • Build relationships by asking thoughtful and relevant questions
  • Have fun networking! It's an opportunity to explore, learn, socialize and meet new people.
  • Contact mentors/organizations to set up informational interviews.
  • Always ask them, "Is there someone you can suggest I talk to?"
  • Always thank the people who take their time to share their knowledge with you, and don't forget to follow up to stay memorable

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