Legacy Giving

It’s a great time to celebrate how far we’ve come and to chart our future.

For the last 50 years, alumni, faculty, staff and friends have been fueling transformational change at the University of Calgary through planned gifts, contributing to student awards and bursaries, innovative teaching and learning spaces and life-changing research. We recently launched the University of Calgary Legacy Society to celebrate individuals who envision a future beyond their lifetime. In honour of the university's 50th year, all those who make a documented legacy gift will be inducted into the society as a founding member.

It’s a great time to celebrate how far we’ve come and to chart our future. If you wish to ensure your passion and values will continue to live on and inspire future generations to come, contact us about becoming a founding member in the Legacy Society.


A bequest (transfer of cash, securities or other property through a will or a living trust) to the university is a flexible, tax-effective way to leave a legacy of learning. By naming the University of Calgary to receive a gift in your will, your estate will generate tax credits that may offset any taxes payable.
Learn more about Charitable Requests. You can also learn about Charitable Bequest wording or you can find out more about Publicly Traded Securities.

Gifts of Life Insurance

When the university is beneficiary of your life insurance proceeds, your estate is eligible for a charitable tax receipt. You may name the University of Calgary owner and beneficiary of a policy and receive a tax receipt for the cash-surrender value of the policy, and a tax receipt for any additional premium payments made after the policy is assigned.
Learn more about Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Registered Assets

For many people, Registered Retirement Plans (RRSPs, RRIFs) and company-sponsored pension plans may be their single biggest assets beyond their homes. Withdrawals from these funds will be taxed. If you name the University of Calgary as beneficiary of your funds, your estate will receive a tax receipt for the entire amount of the gift.
Learn more about Retirement Assets.


Over the years, the University of Calgary has received many generous donations of books, art, equipment, software and other property, including real estate – all in keeping with the University's comprehensive policy on gifts-in-kind. Gifts-in-kind are eligible for a tax receipt for the fair market value of the gift.
Learn more about gifts-in-kind. 

Charitable Trusts   

If you wish to give assets to the university through your will, but would like to receive tax benefits today, consider one of these two charitable trust agreements. With funding from cash, securities or real estate, you may create a charitable remainder trust with a trust company or individual named by you. The remainder interest of the fund is donated and held in trust for the University of Calgary. You retain the income interest for life.
Learn more about Charitable Trusts.

Gift of Shares

To make a gift of shares, download the Scotia McLeod Gift of Shares donation form or download the RBC Gift of Shares donation form.

I wanted my gift to be large enough to make an impact, I wanted it to be lasting, and most importantly I wanted the gift to be in memory of Maurice.

Erika Pochailo, BA on leaving a gift of insurance in the name of her late husband

Legacy Giving