Giving Day 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giving Day?

The University of Calgary's Giving Day celebration is a fundraising campaign beginning at 11 a.m. on April 27 and concluding at 1 p.m. on April 29. The event will aim to raise 50 student scholarships in 50 hours, in celebration of the University of Calgary's 50th anniversary.

Why is Giving Day more than one day?

On April 29, 2017, the University of Calgary will conclude our 50th anniversary-year celebrations. In honour of that, we have decided to hold our inaugural Giving Day over a 50-hour time period.

What is a scholarship?

Scholarships give students financial support so that they can tackle their studies with confidence, without the added financial pressures. They also allow the university to recruit and retain the best and brightest students. The University of Calgary offers a number of different types of financial support at both the undergraduate and graduate level that take a variety of factors into consideration, including academic merit, financial need, community involvement and more.

How do the matching funds work?

Each gift toward student scholarships on Giving Day will be matched up to $2,500. The total cap for matching dollars is $400,000. What types of scholarships will be supported through Giving Day?

What types of scholarships will be supported through Giving Day?

The scholarships created during Giving Day will be merit-based scholarships, meaning they will be awarded based on academic performance.

How do I track the progress of Giving Day?

Once Giving Day starts, you can visit to get the all of the latest Giving Day information, including progress reports, videos, news and more. We'll be sharing updates on social media as well, so be sure to follow us to get all of the latest information as it happens.

How do I participate?

Taking part in Giving Day is easy and can be done right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply visit and click the "Give now" button. Once you've made your gift, you can share it on social media to encourage your friends and family to participate as well.

Can I only contribute to Giving Day during the 50-hour time period?

We understand that your time is valuable and you may not be available during our 50-hour Giving Day period. During the month of April leading up to Giving Day (until April 29, 2017), you can visit our website to pledge your support ahead of time and your donation will be counted toward the Giving Day total.

Aside from making a donation, are there other ways I can get involved in Giving Day?

Absolutely! You can show your support for Giving Day by sharing your UCalgary pride with your friends and family by tweeting Giving Day content or posting on Facebook and Instagram using #UCalgaryGivingDay.

Can I give to a specific faculty?

Yes. On the donation form, you will see a drop-down menu that allows you to choose which faculty award your gift will count toward.

Can I make my gift over the phone or by mail?

To make a gift over the phone, call 403.220.8261, or our toll-free number 1.800.972.8632. If you prefer to mail in your donation, download the printable gift form. You can find our mailing address on the form.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

There is no minimum donation amount, all gifts – big or small – make an impact.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Donors who make an online donation will be receipted automatically and instantly. Donors who mail their donations will be issued a receipt for donations $25 and up unless the donor requests a receipt.

What portion of my donation will go toward administrative or processing fees?

All of your gift will go to the area you designate it to – none of it will be used for administrative or processing fees.

What follow-up will I receive from the University of Calgary regarding my gift?

Once you've made an online gift, you will receive a thank you email containing your receipt. Receipts for gifts made by mail will be issued within 14 days. After Giving Day is over we will contact you to let you know the impact that Giving Day had.

I have questions, who can I contact?

For more information, email