Faculty of Social Work

Together, we will make a world of difference

Our social work faculty is the largest in Canada and one of the country’s most successful.

We are committed to creating and supporting enhanced student learning experiences. We are leading innovative research that addresses complex social problems. We are sharing best practices that connect us to community locally, nationally and internationally.

Our graduates leave ready to enable social justice and well-being for families and communities around the world. Our exceptional faculty members are recognized internationally for developing and applying new knowledge that addresses complex social problems.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Student engagement a priority

The faculty is the school of choice for those who want to become the country’s most insightful and skilled social workers.

We make student engagement a priority. We take classroom experiences into the community.
We graduate Canada’s most prepared, insightful and skilled social workers.

Our obligation is to create a learning environment that challenges these students to become critical thinkers and skilled professionals.

Mobile Self-Care Team sparks well-being

The Mobile Self Care Team travels around campus to raise awareness about a type of wellness that is often overlooked — self-care.

This group of five graduate students in the faculty was one of the winners of the Student’s Union Wellness Centre’s campaign to find Champions for a Healthy Campus. The group was granted $5,000 toward their project.

The idea behind the project is to provide students with a place to practice and learn coping mechanisms, encouraging them to take care of themselves under the stresses of university life.

Research ignites powerful solutions

Social work is about creating changes for a better society for everyone.

Our research helps to shape understanding of complex social issues. It points to relevant and effective solutions to these challenges.

The solutions we seek demand focused efforts and the adoption of new approaches to the research process. Evidence-based practice represents and requires strong integration of research and practice knowledge, expertise and skills.

We ensure research has meaningful impacts in the community.

Improving lives of children and families

The Faculty of Social Work and Wood’s Homes have partnered to establish an innovative, community-based research chair focused on improving the lives of children with mental health issues.

For the first time, the chair holder will be based in the community — not at the university. He/she will have a Faculty of Social Work appointment. The work will be based at Wood’s Homes, bringing academic research and education directly into the community.

The research focuses on frontline children’s mental health practices — combining theory and testing with action and intervention.

Actively engaging community

Our relationships with our communities are marked by reciprocal and mutually beneficial exchanges between partners.

We actively engage communities throughout Alberta with our educational and research programs. We develop innovative strategies to support meaningful knowledge exchanges. And we create new opportunities for student engagement with social work professionals.

Diversity and differences are enriching and valuable. Our initiatives to support research, learning and social action alliances enhance our communities and inform our faculty.

Shift: the project to end domestic violence

Led by the Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Shift’s goal is to significantly reduce and prevent domestic violence in Alberta.

Lana Wells holds the chair position in the Faculty of Social Work. The purpose of the chair is to work with and enhance the capacity of policy-makers, system leaders, clinicians, service providers and the community at large.

Wells has been honoured by the Alberta College of Social Workers for her commitment to prevent family violence.

Join us in making a world of a difference

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