Faculty of Science

Together, we will become an international research leader

The Faculty of Science is where curiosity meets discovery.

We offer our students innovative programs, hands-on research opportunities, access to cutting-edge laboratories and a stimulating environment that fuels their curiosity.

Our faculty is led by some of the world’s best professors in diverse areas such as air and water quality, alternative energy, neuroscience and oil and gas exploration.

We have created an energizing environment where students thrive. They develop a scientific mindset, analyze problems, explore options and discover solutions.

Led by knowledgeable faculty members — many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields — we offer innovative programs and hands-on research opportunities. We provide access to cutting-edge laboratories and links to a global network of alumni.

We are committed to excellence.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Education that empowers students

Learning is more than sitting in a classroom or listening to a lecture.

It requires reflection, discussion, analysis and evaluation. That's why the faculty is dedicated to providing our students lecture-based education and experiential learning opportunities — inside and outside the classroom.

Our faculty has made a strategic commitment to develop and deliver an innovative teaching and learning program intended specifically for faculty members.

Priority projects include field school experiences and much more.

Field school provides experiential learning

Having hands-on field studies and collecting data alongside expert researchers and instructors gives students invaluable insight. They can explore problem solving while exploring practical applications of their knowledge.

The Shell Canada Grande Cache Advanced Field School in Petroleum Geology provides unique instruction involving authentic seismic acquisition equipment and a real set of geological targets.

The geophysics field school can be held in various locations, ensuring students have a variety of experiences.

Accelerating exceptional research

We are dedicated to research.

As part of our goal in becoming one of Canada's top five research universities, we have a number of research institutes, centres, partnerships, funding institutions and facilities. Known for our top-quality labs and equipment and our commitment to furthering research, we aspire to improve.

We provide a multitude of research opportunities to faculty, doctoral students, graduate students and even undergraduate students.

Priority projects include an undergraduate program to provide funding for faculty to engage students in research experiences, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Partnership funds seismic monitoring study

Leading seismologist David Eaton continues his work to better understand the impact of hydraulic fracturing techniques employed by industry — thanks to new funding.

Eaton was named the NSERC-Chevron Industrial Chair in Microseismic System Dynamics. This was made possible by a three-way partnership between the university, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Chevron Canada Limited.

NSERC and Chevron each contributed half of the funding for the $1.8-million chair that will be supported over five years.

Vitally engaging communities

Our connection to our communities is the fuel that lights our passion, ignites our curiosity and powers discovery.

We strive to create meaningful connections to the communities that we serve.

The faculty and its departments have many community outreach opportunities and initiatives that contribute to Calgary's scientific community and environmental and economic health.

Many of our programs are targeted at a younger audience, aiming to build the scientific and innovative spirits of junior high and high school students.

Sparking community excitement

The best way to learn how amusement park rides work — while exploring physics in action — is to get on them, experience them and measure them.

Rollercoasterology is the Department of Physics and Astronomy’s annual outreach event. It helps junior and high school science teachers get their students excited about physics. The event is a partnership with Calaway Park, just west of Calgary.

Students go on rides and study the math, forces and physics with the help of Rollercoasterology workbooks.

Join us in becoming an international research leader

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