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Together, we are solving great engineering challenges

Challenges like providing energy more efficiently, improving security to keep people safe, ensuring access to clean water and better solutions for health. At the Schulich School of Engineering, we are collaborating with the community, working on inventive solutions to meaningful problems.

Our diversity generates skills and ideas that translate into action. Our culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking spans our research across a range of disciplines. Our research results in actionable solutions. Our students are empowered to share their success with the world.

Engineering at its core is a call to serve locally and globally by solving problems. We are fostering a new generation that welcomes adversity and overcomes it with creative problem-solving.

Humanity’s urgent challenges in the 21st century demand visionary solutions. At Schulich School of Engineering, we’re already building a better way.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Fresh solutions for a sustainable future

By continuously improving on the research environment, Schulich faculty and collaborators have the opportunity to improve the world around them and make a real difference.

Our goal is to deliver meaningful findings across the research spectrum, from fundamental discoveries to translational applications.

Our clear focus is to be research leaders in key areas, like biochemical engineering, efficient energy recovery and new earth-space technologies.

Revolutionizing oil recovery

Stephen Bryant at Schulich is one of the world’s leading experts in nanotechnology.

He and his team are exploring ways to improve the efficiency of in-situ oil recovery in the oilsands using advances in nanotechnology.

They are developing processes using chemically altered particles that attach differently to oil and to water and are tiny enough to pass through reservoir pores.

The goal is to use less steam, recover more oil and reduce — and ultimately eliminate — the carbon footprint of unconventional hydrocarbon extraction.


When diverse minds collaborate and exchange ideas, they spur breakthrough innovations that dramatically improve lives in local and global communities.

Recognizing the diverse desires of students to pursue their passions, we have increased degree options to include a greater breadth of minors and dual degrees.

Our excellence starts with recruitment and outreach programs that attract and welcome diverse learners, faculty and staff. When our students excel, so will the communities in which they will live, work and serve.

Combining engineering and entrepreneurship

When the ideas of engineers meet the power of entrepreneurship, the world gains.

Our new Introduction to the Concepts and Practices of Technology Driving Entrepreneurship program fuses the best of both worlds. It helps students sharpen their skills in idea generation, business planning and product development.

Successful Schulich grad and entrepreneur Suzanne West, BSc (Eng)’87, was a valuable program advisor who acknowledges that we are moving into an innovative world that is systems-driven. Engineers are responding with business-friendly solutions.

Student success

Our students succeed with real solutions that energize the world.

Some of the most interesting learning and applied experiences for undergradate and graduate students inside and outside the classroom are offered here. We foster student success by giving them access to some of the finest academic staff and resources.

We open doors through innovative programs that introduce a wide range of people to the Schulich experience. When they enter, they enrich their lives — and move on to improve the lives of others.

Building homes for families inspires engineers

Our community-building benefits all participants with shared successes.

With the support of the Boardwalk Charitable Trust Fund, up to 68 Schulich engineering students have volunteered in the Homes of Hope Program since 2009. Every year, they build four homes for families in need in the Tijuana region of Mexico. They return invaluably enriched by their experiences.

Our students become more socially conscious and gain skills directly related to their future careers as professional engineers — including teamwork, construction and project management.

Join us in solving great engineering challenges

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