School of Public Policy

Together, we will unleash Canada’s full economic potential

The School of Public Policy provides a practical, global and focused perspective on public policy analysis and practice.

During this crucial time of global transformation, we inform significant policy dialogue, bridging the gap between business, government and academia; providing forums for communication and best-practice sharing; and contributing specific recommendations to policy-makers. 

We combine the energy and focus of a think-tank with the peer-reviewed integrity that a university demands. We attract the best minds from industry and academia, the people who want to make a difference in public policy. We impact our community through building capacity in business and government.

Educating future policy-makers, we are improving policy discourse through practical research and outreach.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Educating future policy-makers

The complexity of a modern international economy requires deep knowledge of public policy.

It is critical to continue building capacity for Canada’s future policy-makers. This is why the school believes so strongly in our Master of Public Policy program.

The program’s goal is to train policy professionals who will find leadership positions in government and the private sector. This 12-month program fosters in students an appreciation of the importance of effective institutions, efficient regulation and the role that markets play in democracies.

Finding real-world solutions

Educating our students on broader perspectives of how public policy changes across borders can involve moving out of the classroom and into the field.

Fourteen graduate students our Master of Public Policy program and four MBA students from the Haskayne School of Business took an educational journey through Israel last year. They studied differences in Israeli and Canadian public policy.

Lectures by top officials, policy-makers and communicators included topics such as security issues, environmental policy in Israel, human rights and Israeli law.

Pioneering policy research

We are leading knowledge-creation and changing the way researchers investigate.

The school actively engages our community. It bridges the gaps between business, government and academia by producing influential research. It provides energetic solutions to complex challenges for the benefit of our city, country and the world.

We strive to provide research and analyses for policy-makers and regulators that will assist in developing policies and practices across the globe.

Helping the disadvantaged in community

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can face employment challenges. New research into the employment of those with the disorder gives policy-makers options to consider that could improve job outcomes.

ADS is a complex disorder of brain development.

Dr. Jennifer Zwicker is Manager of the Neurodevelopmental Disability Policy Research program in health policy at The School of Public Policy. The paper she and colleagues released discusses the policy objective of enhancing these employment outcomes.

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