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Together, we will transform the world

Globalization, information technology, geo-politics and demography are transforming the business world into a place of enormous challenges. Old business models become
outdated daily.

The skills to manage this new world are vital. Management is at the core to make new business models and practices that are adaptable to changing conditions.

At Haskayne, we develop business leaders and problem-solvers. People who are nimble, people who are resourceful, people who are responsible and ethical. We combine intensive teaching of critical thinking and practical skills in the classroom with experiential opportunities outside the classroom.

We enable research by world leading scholars to develop insights into local and global business solutions.

We encourage leaders in the business community to harness their expertise and shape a new breed of leaders.

We engage people who make valuable contributions to support our programs and help the world manage the thorny challenges hurtling towards us.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Energizing the Future

Empowering students to lead boldly

At the heart and soul of a great business leader is innovative thinking.

The ability to analyze a situation intelligently and creatively, make a decision, then develop a plan to successfully execute — we build these skills.

Recognized as among the best in Canada, our professors expose students to real-world business challenges through global study opportunities, and business competitions against the world’s best.

Our innovative methods empower students to thrive in any situation, no matter how challenging.

Your support helps us continue to attract this top level of talent that turns students into tomorrow’s business leaders.

Building competence and confidence in the wild

The Haskayne Leadership Expedition (THULE) is a five-day backpacking trip into the wilds of the Rockies.

This bold adventure includes training in a range of mountain survival skills, including problem-solving challenges, leadership assignments and adaptive creativity required to achieve goals.

It’s an excellent chance for students to lead in an unpredictable environment in rapidly changing conditions — much like the business world we face today.

THULE is just one of our many Haskayne Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business programs.

Focused research transforms future

Haskayne has become one of the top research-intensive schools in Canada, thanks to our ambitious research initiatives.

We provide insights into solutions for local and global business challenges. These solutions help organizations navigate dramatic changes that are shaping the future.

Haskayne is home to numerous research centres, created to provide solutions to today’s complex business environment — ethical leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation and corporate sustainability.

We assemble interdisciplinary teams of our best and brightest to solve business problems through highly focused and relevant research.

Nimble business thinking speeds up the process of scientific discovery

In the scientific community, there is no system in place to comprehensively organize the thousands of articles published daily, so researchers can spend years collecting data for their studies.

Piers Steel, PhD, Distinguished Research Chair in Advanced Business Leadership, and his collaborators, Frank Bosco from Virginia Commonwealth University and Krista Uggerslev from NAIT, teamed up to create metaBUS, a search engine for scientific research. Research meta-analysis that used to take years will now take minutes.

This is just one of many initiatives funded by philanthropy at Haskayne that allows vital research to flourish.

Developing leadership talent on tap

At Haskayne, community engagement is win-win.

As the business community taps Haskayne for leadership expertise, we tap local and global business leaders for their real-world knowledge.

We bring the right people together internally and externally to incubate ideas and turn them into solutions.

A number of our programs engage successful leaders from Calgary and around the world. The Jarislowsky Fellow in Business Management executive in residence program attracts business, social sector and public sector leaders, who act as role models.

Great things happen when leaders lead

The Haskayne Founders’ Circle, a dedicated group of Haskayne supporters, joined Dick Haskayne and other visionaries and philanthropists to help create a school that will shape the future.

By supporting Haskayne, they are helping transform business in Canada. They provide opportunities to pioneer cutting-edge research and directly engage with key industries — such as energy, real estate, finance, insurance and health care.

Dick Haskayne became a business leader through hard work and good ethics, important values instilled by his parents. The Haskayne School of Business is just one of the legendary entrepreneur's many good works in Calgary. His generous donation of $16 million helped to create an endowment to attract outstanding professors, as well as important programs that are turning today’s students into the next generation of business leaders. Today, the school has an annual enrolment of about 3,000 undergraduates, 300 MBA students and 30 PhD candidates.

Join us in transforming the world

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