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Together, we will empower students with new opportunities

A student’s time at the university is full of possibility.

They get a glimpse of their potential. They feel the momentum of the university. They begin to move toward their goals.

Even as they feel exhilarated, pressures can arise and overwhelm them.

We know post-secondary education is mentally and emotionally challenging. We know the stressors in the lives of students can be underestimated.

The university is committed to seeing our students succeed. From the first day on campus to the moment of pride when they cross the convocation stage — and every moment in between — we are here to support them.

Programs such as UCalgaryStrong and others promote personal wellness, leadership and engagement among students. We give students the opportunity to stretch beyond their comfort levels while unleashing their full potential. We ensure that our students know they are not alone.

The recently launched Campus Mental Health Strategy empowers students with new opportunities and the support they need to enhance their academic experience.

Student experiences to unleash potential

Invest in a different kind of energy

$400 million

Advancing athletes and Rhodes Scholars

University of Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarships are among the world’s most prestigious student awards.

Luigi Di Marzo, BA’69, was our first student to become a Rhodes Scholar. Since then, 13 more University of Calgary students have received the prestigious award.

The Scholars Academy was established to provide unique programming and individualized support for the university’s best and brightest undergraduate students. Bogdan Knezevic is a shining example — named the latest Rhodes Scholar recipient from UCalgary, one of only 11 across Canada.

Scholars Academy makes students community mentors

A first in Canada, the University of Calgary Scholars Academy impacts the university and the community at large.

In this unique program, students act as community ambassadors and mentors while they work on their own research and academic ventures.

Since its inception in 2011, the Scholars Academy has guided high-achieving students to lead, excel and inspire throughout their academic careers.

Additionally, the academy eases students’ transition to post-graduate studies or to work in their chosen fields. These bright minds have won awards and accolades.

Not just strong – UCalgaryStrong

UCalgaryStrong is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind at a Canadian university.

The initiative welcomes, encourages and fosters resiliency against the stressors of loneliness and isolation that can arise during a student’s post-secondary experience.

It brings together elements of student personal wellness, leadership and engagement during students’ time on campus, from orientation week to convocation.

Building compassion, caring and resiliency in students will carry throughout their personal and professional lives in the larger community.

Creating a community of caring

The university’s new Campus Mental Health Strategy is aimed at supporting the mental health and well-being of all students, faculty and staff.

We aim to be a leader, locally and across Canada, in promoting a healthy campus community.

Student mental health is complex and critical. Beyond test scores and term papers, we know that post-secondary education can be hard for students. We know daily stressors can lurk and may not be easily seen.

This strategy recognizes the importance of support, collaboration and work-life balance.

Native Centre reaches out

Our Native Centre promotes outreach and youth programs, while upholding our Aboriginal Student Policy.

The centre provides community-based programs and cultural events that engage the campus and the greater Aboriginal community.

Programs such as the Native Ambassador Post-Secondary Initiative (NAPI) are designed to motivate and empower Aboriginal youth. The LYNX Program provides online career services for Aboriginal post-secondary students and graduates, bringing together those who seek meaningful employment and employers.

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