Together, we will position ourselves as a global intellectual hub

Our comprehensive strategy for internationalization positions us as a global intellectual hub. Students, faculty and staff will promote new discoveries, ideas and applications that have global impact.

We live in a highly interconnected world. Technological advances allow us to share information across borders, cultures and linguistic barriers.

Our city and our country demand international and domestic graduates who are competitive in a global marketplace. They must be able to adapt to diverse cultural, economic and governmental environments.

We will continue to provide energetic opportunities for our students to develop cross-cultural competencies and unique areas of knowledge. They will contribute to civil society and capacity development on a global scale.

Making history

Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High — our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date — closes in June 2020. Get ready to be a part of our history!

Fueling student international experiences

The University of Calgary is making it easier for students to widen their studies and gain valuable international insights when they go abroad but funding is often a major barrier for student participation.

The Eyes High 50th Anniversary International Exchange Award is a grant open to UCalgary undergraduate students eager to experience student life and courses at top universities.

More funding initiatives for students are underway; in 2016-17, 135 grants, worth $3,000 each, will take students across faculties to 45 universities that partner with UCalgary for exchange students.

Studying abroad changes lives

For Amanda Iandolo, being a student and a tourist at the same time is the ultimate education accelerator.

She got the opportunity to be both as a University of Calgary drama and education major, winning a grant that took her to the University of Leeds in England.

The International Study Travel Grant helped to fund her education dream. She earned course credits for her degree and travelled the English countryside with a University of Leeds student she met at UCalgary.

How does Iandolo describe the experience? Life-changing.

Research collaboration sparks opportunity in China

The University of Calgary has partnered with a major Chinese oil and gas company to establish a collaborative energy research, education and training site in Beijing.

This partnership with Chinese oil and gas company Kerui Group will provide unique research collaborations for our faculty.

It will also offer unparalleled learning and training opportunities for our students and graduates.

UCalgary is a global leader in unconventional oil and gas research.



Community development students thrive in Ghana

The University of Calgary encourages cross-cultural exchanges that make a local and global impact.

When UCalgary students Amy Bruce and Heather Lee won the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, they were thrilled to travel and learn together. Both students are taking development studies in the Faculty of Arts.

The pair did development work with the Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR) in Sandema, Ghana. Bruce worked on funding proposals for a new disability resource centre and a maternal health clinic.



Join us in positioning ourselves as a global intellectual hub

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